Renegade Kid's adventure-RPG Planet Crashers will make impact on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on 26th July in North America. Are you ready to save the universe?

An evil force has, for some reason or another, decided that it's nigh on time to destroy the sun. As a rookie of the Planet Crashers Academy, you've been inexplicably chosen to journey to the far reaches of the galaxy to find out what's going on and prevent a tragedy that will, at the very least, inconvenience the entire universe.

You'll be able to explore a massive universe, battling through dungeons to earn experience, upgrade weaponry and visit new planets. Characters are fully customisable, so apparently no two heroes will ever be the same.

Planet Crashers will launch on the US eShop for $9.99 in a couple of weeks. Why not have a look at the screens in our media album below in the mean time?