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Planet Crashers Smash Down on 26th July

Posted by Mike Mason

The power is yours

Renegade Kid's adventure-RPG Planet Crashers will make impact on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on 26th July in North America. Are you ready to save the universe?

An evil force has, for some reason or another, decided that it's nigh on time to destroy the sun. As a rookie of the Planet Crashers Academy, you've been inexplicably chosen to journey to the far reaches of the galaxy to find out what's going on and prevent a tragedy that will, at the very least, inconvenience the entire universe.

You'll be able to explore a massive universe, battling through dungeons to earn experience, upgrade weaponry and visit new planets. Characters are fully customisable, so apparently no two heroes will ever be the same.

Planet Crashers will launch on the US eShop for $9.99 in a couple of weeks. Why not have a look at the screens in our media album below in the mean time?


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SilverBaretta said:

Sounds good, but the Animal Crossing Wild World curved-earth style of the map looks a little uncomfortable.



BenAV said:

The concept sounds good, but the game itself doesn't look so great.
If it turns out that it's much better than I expect then I'll welcome it into my 3DSWare collection, but otherwise I'll probably have to pass for that price.
Not that it's going to make it to Australia any time soon anyway



Geonjaha said:

Animal Crossing: Wild World pretty much..
Also you can bet this'll get to Europe at this time next year.



Barbiegurl777 said:

Yeah weird it does have an AC:WW - DS feel to it only gloomy sort of not my type of game will defently pass on this game.

Well I just bought AC:WW - DS last year & have been happily enjoying it since.

This is just a cheap knock off & not worth the block's on my sd card on my 3ds.

Looking more forward to:

Stina & 30 jewel's - 3dsware
Petit Computer - dsiware

Next week. Gotta get another point's card though for august for mario 2 in the e-shop.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Darkrai12 said:

i might get this game, but at that high price i might as well wait for the review, but how it looks right now i doubt it will get above a 7.



SageofShadow said:

The game sounds quite amazing on paper but the trailer and pictures don't look very promising. I love Renegade Kid, they've made some great games (and by some, I mean Mutant Mudds). They are definitely a promising developer for the 3DS eShop. I hope that they can pull this game through and make another great title.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Who sends a single rookie agent on this kind of assignment? At least give him a veteran partner like in the first Men in Black movie.



Ray00101 said:

@ymmas626 Whaa?

This is nothing like Animal Crossing? It may have a similar atmosphere but the game itself is a dungeon-crawler-RPG. How is this a rip-off exactly?



RR529 said:

I watched the trailer, and it didn't leave me wanting more. The art style seems more weird than charming as well, IMO.

I've never been a fan of WRPGs, so I knew this game probably wouldn't appeal to me anyways



Kitsune_Rei said:

Color me curious. This sounds fun, looks cute, and being fully customizable appeals to me. I look forward to more info, but at that price I want to see a good review first.



Samholy said:

26th of july ? forget it.... ill have heroes of ruins on muy 3ds running strong and dawnguard on my ps3 running wild. i dont see any room for any game.
it will have to wait, until a price down,rebate,special,whatever. not paying 9.99 for a game looking that bad
Let me get this straight.
Sorry for the dev,but it could have been much better. youre developping for the 3ds, where i saw kid icarus and mario kart lush graphics. dont go coding n64 engine games, you have no excuses ! I can find total HD superb psn games for LOWER prices!!!! Check Rainbow Moon videos and you will see what to expect in term of content and visual quality for this price range.

this being said, the rest seem fun, and ill have it on my radar when i will take a break of heroes of ruins. but surely at a lower price, ill take Shantae before this.



Vann said:

@21 dude, its gonna be on the eshop, it can't be as gorgeus as Kid Icarus or Resident Evil: revelations.
Have fun with Heroes of ruin, doesn't have great graphics but the demo was quite fun!



Barbiegurl777 said:


For one look at the graphic's I'm sorry to me they just don't look that appealing & 2 I paid 25 for AC:WW - DS at GS the one in the e-shop is 10.

No offense but if I'm going to waste my money in the e-shop I want to waste it on a good game not one that look's like crap.

Basing it on:


I'm not a big fan of RPG's to begin with so no offense it just give's me another reason not to download it.

If I do pick up an RPG game it's extremely rare for me.

So either way it's a pass.

The e-shop has much better game's to download & it's just not worth my 10 dollar's let someone else download it if they really want it that bad I'm just not buying the game.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



C-Olimar said:

I love the way so many people think they have psychic powers on here.
"This game is bad because of how it looks in a short video."
"This game looks like Animal Crossing. Therefore it is bad.
Those are pretty much self explanatory. YOU CAN'T TELL HOW GOOD A GAME IS BY HOW IT LOOKS. Heroes of Ruin looks like vomit, and yet that is pretty good.
"This game will never come to Europe/will take ages to come to Europe"
It's coming to Europe on the same day as the US. I'm not mad at you guys though, you have every right to be skeptical.

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