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Out Today: Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

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Nearly five months after it hit North America, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise lands in Europe today.

The European release lets you choose between the English and Japanese soundtracks, a feature exclusive to Europe, but is otherwise unchanged from its North American release.

If you're interested in some Wii-based rhythm, check out our Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise review for more.

You can also buy Theatrhythm Final Fantasy today. A blend of music, action and theatre, we'll have a review for you very soon.

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Not-Another-Ad said:

Spirit Camera,and Project Zero came out last week.
I really want to get both Beat the Beat(Dam you Noe,for your long names),and Theatrhythm.



Tsuchinoko said:

Wow, thats pretty nice that it gives a language option.

I know many people disagree with Roger Ebert's assessment that games can never be an art-form, but movies have long allowed language options so that they can be viewed in their original forms, and I think this is something that hold games back from really escalating into higher cultural status.

I know saying something like that on a funny music game sounds odd, but at last for me, when I played Rhythm Tengoku Gold, and the arcade Rhythm Tengoku game here in Japan, a lot of the songs played on Japanese puns and sounds, it really added to the experience.



Chunky_Droid said:

What a wacky name, I've only ever known it as the Rhythm Heaven series (the DS game was called Rhythm Heaven here in Australia), was the DS game called Rhythm Heaven in Europe or Rhythm Paradise?



FonistofCruxis said:

@ChunkyDroid Yes, the DS entry in the series was called Rhythm paradise here.
Project zero 2 and Spirit camera came out last week.
I think the Beat the beat: Rhythm paradise is a stupid name, they should have just taken the American name and replaced heaven with paradise. Anyway, I didn't enjoy its DS predecessor as much as some did and I'm not that good at rhythm action games but I may get it after a price drop. I'm glad there's the option for Japanese voices though, the Japanese voices in the Ring side mini-game sound so much better than the English ones.



chewytapeworm said:

Got the DS Rhythm Paradise a couple of months ago for a couple of quid. If the Wii version is just as good, then I'm seriously thinking about picking it up. But I also want Theatrythym. Why is there so many good games coming out atm!?



CommanderAudio said:

If you're sturuggling to make a decision about whether to buy Beat The Beat or Theathrhythm, just think about this. You didn't wait a maximum of 1 year for Theathrhythm.



TKOWL said:

I want to both laugh and cry.
Laugh, because you guys are getting a game that we've been enjoying for over 5 months already.
Cry, because it has both English and Japanese in it.




Was on my pre-order list and so will hopefully be enjoying this this between Lego Batman 2 Wii and Yu-gi-oh DS 2008 and 2009!



RevolverLink said:

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy has better music and Rhythm Heaven Fever is the better game, but they're both incredibly fun. I highly recommend both.



Hokori said:

Wabaduba is that true? That you can listen to the original Japanese music??



sinalefa said:

Enjoy this little gem of a game. Had I had the choice of selecting the language, I would have gotten 100 medals (twice per song) delightfully.

I do wonder if in Europe the game is the same price as other Wii games, as in the US the game retailed for $30 instead of $50 in its debut.



CommanderAudio said:

I went into my local game store/s to get this game, only to find it was sold out. HOW CAN PEOPLE FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT PLAYING BADMINTON IN A PLANE WITH A DOG AS I DO?????



Raylax said:

Played this at Games Brittania today. It is brilliant. And hilarious.



Henmii said:

My local shop didn't have it, bummer! If they don't have it soon, I should search it somewhere else!

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