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NetherRealm Still Unsure About Injustice's Wii U Features

Posted by Mike Mason


NetherRealm's DC Universe fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us has already been confirmed for Wii U — but the team isn't yet sure what to do with the unique features of Wii U GamePad.

Speaking to Polygon, creative director and Mortal Kombat master Ed Boon said that the game will share the same features across every platform, but also confessed that NetherRealms doesn't have a killer idea for the touch screen just yet.

Right now, all the systems are in parity with the same feature sets. We're obviously going to have some conversation about the Wii U's unique controller and how to use it in a fighting game that's not just a gimmick. I don't want to just have a touch screen that shows all the secret moves and you just press them to fire them off. Thankfully the game isn't out until next year, but it's certainly not something that we've cracked yet.

There's plenty of time to get that sorted out, with the game not scheduled for release until 2013, but don't leave it too late please Mr Boon.


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LavaTwilight said:

I think they're right not to make use of the gamepad JUST because it's there, or it will be gimmicky. I don't understand why Tomb Raider won't be a WiiU release JUST because of the gamepad, that's stupid! Don't just use it because it's there but don't avoid us either!



Nik-Davies said:

They should do something involving the camera. How about an Augmented Reality type thing, where you can give yourself super-powers like throwing fireballs or laser vision. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME



Smooth27 said:

Juzt stream it to the controller nothing big. Itz a fighting game you have to use every second button mashing to win. Anything else is just distracting, in thr fighting genre.



Zario777 said:

Just put the movelist on it! Beats pausing every 5 seconds to learn a move



Nanoline said:

Nice little jab at Dead or Alive: Dimensions' touch screen easy mode nonsense.



Kage_88 said:

Sounds like Ed's got things in control.

I personally don't like the MK game, but I've always found Boon to be a smart and likeable guy.



sinalefa said:

It is good to hear that they want to do something unique instead of just using the Pro Gamepad and call it a day. Still, I would like to have both controllers supported here.



Scollurio said:

I'd really go for pro controller really. Unfortunately, after having a long discussion with my friend about this, I also hardly see any good use for that Wii U Gamepad, at least not in established genres except maybe RPGS and Strategy Games (which would work awesomely well on that Gamepad). Industry has to change for that gamepad to make unique experiences possible. What about a game where one guy is a murderer and plays on gamepad in an open world like GTA and 3 others with gamepads play investigating detectives trying to catch him on television? I'd like something like that (idea credits go to my girlfriend) but I really doubt the industry has lots of interest into trying new things and will stick to play the "safegame" with just all the same releases like last year, no new ips, just sequels and spinoffs to cash in on an established name! ;(

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