With a steady increase of retro titles on 3DS Virtual Console, including those from NES and Game Boy Advance for 3DS Ambassadors, notable omissions from most re-releases have been multiplayer modes. For those hoping to recreate nostalgic days of 8-bit goodness with a friend, 3DS iterations have been a disappointment.

It seems to be an area that Nintendo is addressing, albeit very slowly and in Japan. European gamer Daan Koopman happens to own a Japanese 3DS, and has spread the word that an eShop update on that system has introduced multiplayer — through the use of Download Play — to Ice Climber, one of the NES freebies given to Ambassadors. The official release of Super Mario Bros. on 3DS Virtual Console in Europe and North America also includes the multiplayer option of alternating players, it should be noted, as long as you know to use the correct button combination: L + R + Y.

It's a small step but we'd hope that this update, and others for VC multiplayer options, will eventually become more common.

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