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Heroes of Ruin Updates and DLC a Possibility

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Discussions and fan support vital

Heroes of Ruin is now available in both Europe and North America, so the online action-RPG will have adventurers from both sides of the Atlantic hacking and slashing their way to loot and glory. In terms of functionality alone, it's one of the most substantial titles on 3DS, with a major online co-op component and voice chat included.

Despite its various positives, there are a few balancing issues with levelling up, for example. In a recent interview with, the n-Space team was asked about the issue and confirmed that patching or updating the game may be a possibility, and that it's under discussion.

Glitches? What are you talking about? Heroes of Ruin is flawless — just like every other video game that’s ever been released! In all seriousness, though, Nintendo has greatly empowered developers and publishers with the Nintendo 3DS eShop. It was encouraging to see Nintendo release the Mario Kart 7 update eliminating the Maka Wuhu shortcut, partly because we’re huge Mario Kart 7 fans and partly because that demonstrated how such updates could be delivered. So the possibility is there. As far as what updates might be done for Heroes of Ruin, if any, that’s an ongoing discussion.

With daily and weekly challenges also available in the title, the next question that some gamers may ask is whether DLC will be made available in the future, to expand into new areas or storylines. The developer confirmed that the title wasn't originally designed to allow DLC extras, but that fan demand may prompt publisher Square Enix to change its mind.

If you look on the Heroes of Ruin box, you’ll notice an absence of the orange Nintendo Network logo. This means the game in stores doesn’t offer the option to purchase paid DLC. But that’s not necessarily the final word on the subject. We don’t have anything to announce at this time, but if your readers would like to see paid DLC, they can make their voices heard at the message boards. Square Enix keeps a pretty close eye on that dialogue.

Considering the strength of the online offering in this title it'd be strange if updates and DLC never arrive, but it seems that much depends, as always, on its sales success.


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BenAV said:

I really hope they end up patching the game.
It's really fun, but a few issues here and there stopped it from living up to full potential.



Volmun said:

DLC would be good for this as its the story is so short.. + thy needed more than one repeatable Qwest... -_-



MAB said:

If yer can DLC me a Guild/Tavern that serves Dragons Breath Ale that would be splendid my liege



Marakuto said:

I've completed the game on all classes now so I'll just do with extra quest and yeah...



Savino said:

Bougth yesterday and I am having a blast!!! You can hold your rocks, guys, but I got more into this game than diablo 3!



EvansLegends said:

I don't like where this is heading... Nintendo announced that they're getting into the DLC business, and now Heroes of Ruin has glitches that could do with a patching...

I'm okay with them using DLC to patch glitches, but I really hope we don't start seeing brazenly unfinished games on Nintendo consoles... and all kinds of other DLC abuse...



WiiLovePeace said:

I was quite excited about Heroes of Ruin before its release until I heard of people complaining that it was quite short so I haven't bought it yet. Them releasing DLC & patches would probably swing me to buy it, or at least put it higher on my to-buy list. Either way I should wait until I've actually got a 3DS XL before getting more games I can't play



SonicMario said:

"Glitches? What are you talking about? Heroes of Ruin is flawless" HAVE YOU PLAYED THE FINAL BOSS



Banker-Style said:

This and Mario Kart 7 are a staple of 3DS online capabilities,so I would've hope for some free DLC.



Samholy said:

please. please bring dlc and stuff to download, im willing to pay now and then. the game is great !

as for update, maybe having less potions would make the game more balanced. now its potion galore, theyre everywhere, it rarely drops under the maximum carrying capacity. its almost ridiculous... its not like the game is really hard.



TimboBaggins said:

Am I still the only one that thinks this game looks a lot like Skylanders? The Shark character is almost exactly the same, and the level layout looks very similiar



sin2481 said:

@Savino Yeah, the game is great! I almost beat it I'm 70 percent done on my savage. I've had it for three days!



alLabouTandroiD said:

From what n-Space said before the release i got the impression that the daily and weekly quests would be like the original quests. Slightly disappointed that it's just a "go for Valor points" affair.
I also thought that when you're revisting areas you've cleared before the enemies would be on the same level as you.
While i still play it for the daily and weekly quests (i don't even know why, it seems kinda pointless) i doubt i'd pay for DLC. I expected more from the game.



BulbasaurusRex said:

LOL at that "flawless" comment. The sarcasm shines through brilliantly even in writing, which often isn't possible.



Drawdler said:

I'm not going to discuss it wholeheartedly until they add more content- this is one of the shortest 3DS games if you just finish one file. I haven't played since I started my Vindicator Guild Master's Quest... The game is too boring now!



gamer2000 said:

@Tate24 thats all nice but where a kid icarus update i mean give us a weapon update or a fly during multyplayer mod update where can control our flight in dark vs light match and for the weapon update give a wing blade thats shoots wing like from beet the vandal buster

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