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Dragon Quest X Nintendo Direct Confirmed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Free 3DS app on 22nd August in Japan

Dragon Quest X is being shown a lot of love in Japan at the moment, and Nintendo has confirmed that there'll be another short Nintendo Direct broadcast focused on the title on 30th July at 8pm Japanese time, which is 12pm British standard time, 1pm central European time and 7am U.S. eastern. This is the second themed Nintendo Direct like this in Japan after the Demon Training broadcast last week, so it'll be interesting to see whether Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America start to send out similar broadcasts in the coming weeks and months.

There's more happy news for Dragon Quest fans in Japan, as the free Dragon Quest X app will be released on 22nd August, available with a download code included with the full Wii title. Beyond the details already revealed that show the app and game interacting in various ways, Andriasang reports that there will be a 'Double StreetPass' function, where passing someone in real life with the 3DS and then within the online game world will prompt a special reward.

If you want to learn more or watch the footage, while potentially not understanding a single word of Japanese, you'll be able to watch the broadcast at the Nintendo Direct homepage.


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Savino said:

Coooooool! Now I am sure that we will have street pass for WiiU!!!!!!



shynra said:

2nd Japan only Nintendo Direct recently give us non-Japanese a nice Monster Hunter Special



X-145 said:

Nice. Nice. I like the effort going into the advertisement of this entry.



luminalace said:

I can't wait to see how much DQX will sell and how much the Wii will sell in Japan in it's launch week.

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