While most of us wait until mid-August to see the Nintendo retail download machine kick into action, it's already up and running in Japan ahead of the arrival of New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Demon Training this weekend. It's now emerged, courtesy of Andriasang, that as well as download cards available from stores, online retailers will sell download codes that can be redeemed instantly. To summarise, this means there'll be four ways to buy these games.

  • The old fashioned way, by going to a store or online retailer and buying the boxed, physical game.
  • A download directly from the 3DS eShop.
  • Buy a download card from a retailer, which will include a download code to be redeemed within 150 days.
  • Buy a download code from an online retailer, not a physical card, which must be redeemed within 150 days.

These details are for Japan, but we'd be surprised if the same sales avenues aren't used worldwide. Andriasang is also reporting that some online retailers are charging more for codes than boxed copies, with Joshin Web selling the boxed version of New Super Mario Bros. 2 for ¥4,130, and the download version for ¥4,580. We'll see how pricing develops in the coming days and weeks.

[via andriasang.com]