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Masahiro Sakurai Steps Up as Keynote Speaker at CEDEC

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Talking about video games, presumably

Masahiro Sakurai has gained a reputation as the go-to man for some of Nintendo's key franchises that don't necessarily have Mario in the title. As a young employee at Nintendo he created Kirby, and has also masterminded the three entries in the Super Smash Bros. series, while also taking on the upcoming Wii U and 3DS title in partnership with Namco Bandai. His most recent release has been the critically-acclaimed Kid Icarus: Uprising on 3DS, so it's easy to see why he's earned the role of keynote speaker in his homeland.

The CEDEC event (Computer Entertainment Developers Conference) in Japan is, it must be said, a business-focused industry gathering. It's unlikely that Sakurai will reveal any footage or teasers about his current work, but is likely to talk more generally about his processes and development philosophy. With that in mind, it may be worth keeping an eye out for details when he gives his speech on 20th August.


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Expa0 said:

I'm starting to find it creepy how youthful Sakurai still looks like... Isn't he like 35+ or something?



LavaTwilight said:

The guys a genius! Not as much as Miyamoto but still man, give the guy some respect!In turn he should listen to my idea of including Simon Belmont in SSB-U!



misswliu81 said:

even though miyamoto gets a lot of praise and is well known across the video games industry, the likes of sakurai and his efforts go unnoticed by many.

of all the nintendo creators at the moment, he's my favourite ahead of miyamoto, sakamoto and aonouma.



NintyMan said:

Next to Miyamoto, Sakurai is my favorite man in the video game industry. Not only did he create Kirby, Super Smash Bros., and revived Kid Icarus, but he's also honest and a straight-talker. There's no spin with him; he'll tell it like it is. Even when he's overburdened, he works like a horse and makes sure his games have the best quality possible. A good choice as keynote speaker for sure.



tesla246 said:

mmmmmh interesting, mabey a little teaser on the new smash, or at least some new tidbits

However, now with namcos involvement, I honestly have to say I am a little worried, however, if he fixed the floaty physics (and remove tripping, while adding Lcanselling) and makes it more mele style im down!



FonistofCruxis said:

A good choice for this with all the great work he's done for Nintendo and he really does look very youthful for his age.



komicturtle said:

It's dem genes.. And I'm afraid I'll be looking youthful at his age as well at the rate I'm going. But we both look fab

Anyhow, looking forward to him speak. I remember he did speak for some conference a week or so before Brawl's launch where he discussed his development philosophy and showed some gameplay of Brawl (focus on character choices and Sonic).



tesla246 said:

I do think it has to do something with their diets, the sushi and other uncooked fish in perticular



NintyMan said:

There's more comments praising his youthful looks than his actual work!

He does look young, and definitely doesn't look 41 to me, more like 20s at most. He also has nice hair. Miyamoto will turn 60 this November, but even he looks younger than his age. What gives?

Anyway, I'm not going to expect any Smash Bros. news during this speech since it's more business-oriented and not like a game convention, but you never know.



sinalefa said:

I have to admit my respect for Sakurai multiplied tenfold after playing through Kid Icarus Uprising, and I played the hell out of Brawl. I even borrowed the underrated Kirby Air Ride and found a very interesting game and a possible precursor for Excitebots' crazy courses.

I also love how he gives his all on each of his games, instead of retaining some things for a sequel or DLC. HIs views on the Uprising Iwata Asks were pretty interesting too, so this could be an interesting speech, if we are able to read it.



WaveGhoul said:


Good diet, good genetics, possibly some work done, and as seen in the photo 'makeup'. lol
Plus the possibility of photoshop. Nah but really I can't believe the guys is seriously 41. He could pass for being 27 no question.
Also, i think his youthful hair style plays a role as well.

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