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Dragon Quest X Japanese Bundle Shown Off

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Rest of the world looks on enviously

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies was an impressive RPG achievement on DS which was heavily marketed by Nintendo and Square Enix worldwide, with a concerted effort to make the franchise recognisable to a new generation of gamers. The sequel, Dragon Quest X, isn't far away from release in Japan and has a console bundle for the occasion: there's no such luck for the rest of us.

The hardware bundle, pictured, comes with a black Wii, a Classic Controller Pro, a Wii USB stick and a ¥1,000 Nintendo Point Prepaid card. The USB stick is necessary for the game, due to the DLC and updates on the way, while this is a title with subscription-based online play. Monster Hunter Tri also had a paid subscription online service in Japan, though it was free when published in the West.

All has been silent on a release of Dragon Quest X outside of the Land of the Rising Sun, and with a Wii U version promised but hidden from view, it looks like it'll be a patience game for the rest of us.


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BenAV said:

Hopefully it eventually makes its way over here.
I wouldn't mind if they only brought it over on one console even (I'd prefer the Wii U but the Wii is fine too).
And if it does make it here, fingers crossed it turns out like Monster Hunter Tri and it's not a paid subscription... because that'd stop me from buying it.



ToadFan said:

I think we are just going to get the Wii U version if it comes outside of Japan.



Kirk said:

Well that box certainly looks very cool and I'm sure it will sell a crap load of units, so that's nice.

I unfortunately don't think the game looks impressive at all visually, which I guess I shouldn't have been surprised about seeing at it's a Wii game from a third party (regardless of it being one of the biggest JRPGs in the world)

Note: Circle shadows on Wii don't make me happy and yes, I did go there.



Sondheimist said:

Kirk - It won't be the first time the Dragon Quest series has been a bit "behind" graphically - I haven't played all the games in the series, but the PS1 version mostly looked like a slightly enhanced Super NES game.

Not that I mind. I personally play the DQ games for their retro-style gameplay and their customizability.



turtlelink said:

I want. Lucky Japanese. Game looks fantastic (Except for the paying for online stuff).



luminalace said:

I wonder how much this will sell! 1 million + seller for sure but can it top 3/4 mill?



WolfRamHeart said:

I saw the gameplay video that was shown during the Japanese Nintendo Direct a few days ago and the game looks like a lot of fun. This game should be a perfect fit for the Wii U's online social aspect. I'm holding out for the Wii U version but it is going to be tough for me to resist picking this up on the Wii since that version is likely to arrive first.



Chuie said:

um idk i love dragon quest but i heard its going to be a MMORPG and thats where i will say no



X-145 said:

SE: It's online
SE: It's got elements of an MMORPG
Me: guess...
SE: It has a subscription fee
Me: Then it's not a real Dragon Quest. It's Dragon Quest: WoW edition.


If it was a true DQ entry, then you could play the campaign exclusively on your own. But no. You can only play the game offline for a few hours before you are forced to pay to play online to finish or "enjoy the full experience," as Square Enix put it. Come back when you have Dragon Quest XI (11) for 3DS. Thank you very much.

I might get it if the subscription fee is dropped for the West. I don't want to see Dragon Quest fall from grace because people don't want to play an MMORPG and want to play a true hardcore JRPG. If this does have the fee in the west, then I'm gonna stick to Xenoblade.

On a related note, I read online that Square Enix announced "Kids Time," where for two hours of the day, the online is free. I'm not sure if that is true, but that'd be interesting...



dengakuman said:

This game doesnt look like my cup of tea.....but i think if i play it id find alot of pleasure...........



pikku said:

I'd love to get this, so if it's no subscription I'll get it day one. If you have to pay for the online, then I'm afraid I'll have to pass, sorry Dragon Quest

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