Samurai Warrors: Chronicles was a 3DS title that divided opinion: some loved the hack and slash battles while others complained that it was too simplistic. Although critics and gamers don't often agree on the series' merits, it doesn't seem to matter, as more and more titles are released for its loyal fanbase.

Tecmo Koei has confirmed that a sequel is on the way to 3DS, called Samurai Warriors Chronicle 2nd. There are first-look details in the latest issue of Famitsu (via Andriasang), which confirms the Japanese release for 13th September. There are reportedly branching paths and multiple endings in the main campaign mode, and there'll also be a 'Moushou Enbu' mission mode that will support local multiplayer and online rankings.

Considering the fact that the first title was a launch release worldwide, there's a decent chance that this sequel will make it outside of Japan. We'll look out for any updates.