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Podcast: Episode 23 - When We Were Excited About Wii

Posted by James Newton

Kappa and the captain talk Wii

After looking back at the magic of console launches we decided to hone in the last Nintendo home console launch back in 2006: the good old Wii. What better way to relive those halcyon days than with the return of the Nintendo Life podcast?

NL editor and podcast host James Newton is joined by writer Joe Walker for a look back at the Wii's reveal and launch, recalling their first grasps of the now-iconic Wii Remote and whether or not Wii U can create that same level of excitement.

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Luigi_is_better said:

Haven't listened to this yet, but will soon. I've listened to all the past episodes and was very excited to see another entry! Please make this a regular thing again if that's possible, I enjoy listening to them very much!



Weskerb said:

That was good. I liked the part where you asked him how long he kept his excitement for the Wii, and he was like oh a long time, up until... (and I thought me would say last year)... I got a 360 6 months later. lol



SpaceKappa said:

@billy-beauts I didn't mean it like that. The "launch" level of excitement lasted that long, but I was still really into the Wii for a very long time, even with a second console joining my entertainment center!



ThomasBW84 said:

Great stuff guys

It was an interesting listen for me, as I didn't actually get caught up in the launch hype. I'd been gaming on PC for a good while, and it was actually footage of Super Mario Galaxy that grabbed me and reintroduced me to a love for Nintendo. After listening to you guys, I feel like I missed a trick!



Obvious78 said:

1st: Sorry for my bas English.
When I bought the Wii I was actually disapointed...untill I played Metroid Prime 3. Man o man...I was blown away! After 2 months I bought a PS3....playing the COD series with my friends since they didnt had the Wii. Actually, I had only 1 friend on the Wii. So I never played it. Now that thing is dusting away....Please Nintendo blow us away again with the Wii U.
Anyone want to add?



Shiryu said:

215 retail games on and I must admit it's the best home console I ever own (but it's kinda cheating because it can play SNES games, so... SNES all the way!). Can't wait to see how I will place the Wii U on my top consoles list, but the Wii will for sure have a very high place for years to come.



Weskerb said:

@Obvious78 MP3 was truly awesome. MP3, Twillight Princess, RE4 and SMG, made a believer out of me... Until I got bored of waiting for more games and buying crappy games instead so I bought a PS3 like you. I'm also ready for Nintendo to blow me away.



TheToader said:

That was my first time listening to a podcast. It's interesting how you form your own voices in your head of how someone should sound, and that's not what I thought James was going to sound like.



Obvious78 said:

@billy-beauts Yups ur righ, RE4 and SMG are amazing! Although I didnt like Twiligh Princess, for me it was way too dark and dull. On the other hand I love Zelda Skyward Sword!!!!



Millenia said:

That accent XD I mean I knew this was a European site but that makes it all real lol



Neram said:

Great Podcast guys! Really brought back a lot of nostalgia, sounds like your experiences were incredibly similar to mine. (I also take the day off work and hook up my computer to my TV =P)



Jeff_Lowe said:

Great podcast! I picked up my Wii within minutes of completing my first year of law school. I drove directly from a brutal Constitutional Law exam to my local gaming store to make the purchase. I'll never forget the bizarre juxtaposition of competing emotions - complete defeat to pure euphoria within a span of 30 minutes.



lanabanana said:

Back then I was a Playstation fan. What was I thinking?!!?!? XD Nintendo is AWESHUM!!!



DerpSandwich said:

New to this site, definitely going to give this a listen!

And as far as the conversation goes, to be honest, Twilight Princess was all I needed. I'm pretty sure I got $250-worth of enjoyment out of that game alone. XD



GazPlant said:

Remembering my Wii launch experience has me really excited for Wii U. When the Wii launched we knew so much after E3 to get hyped about; hopefully the same happens this time



ScreamoPichu said:

I couldn't even find a Wii until about three months after launch. I literally called a ton of people and stores trying to get one. Luckily, one of my family friends was at a local BlockBuster buying one; The store only had two left. He bought one and I asked if he'd save one for me. And I got that second, last, console at the store. I remember loving it for quite a while.
It's unfortunate that mine was only collecting dust for a while. Super Mario Galaxy's, Skyward Sword, Brawl, around 50 awesome third-party gems, Rainfall games. I kinda hate to say that in the end the Wii disappointed me, in the end. Xenoblade has really blown me away, though. The Last Story next month. [I'm in the US]
I'm super excited and hopeful for Wii U.

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