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Wed 2nd May 2012

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Jeff_Lowe commented on Talking Point: The Positive Power of Gaming:

Thanks for the kind comments and interesting discussion. Video games have had an overwhelmingly positive influence in my own life. Sounds and images from the NES and SNES are forever intertwined with fond memories from my childhood. Just as important, video games have been a welcome release and given me a positive place to turn during times of stress and grief as well. Thanks again to everyone who joined in the discussion.



Jeff_Lowe commented on Feature: Our Favourite Super Mario Games:

Great list! Super Mario World will always be the ultimate Mario experience. Also, I completely agree that New Super Mario, DS should be ranked last. I would have given Mario 64 second place, but I don't have many complaints about the list.



Jeff_Lowe commented on Feature: Three Reasons Why Mario's Next Advent...:

Thanks for all of your comments. This was my first article for Nintendo Life and I really appreciate the support. Let's hope that Nintendo gets wind of the fan support and enthusiasm for a SMB2 sequel, if it hasn't already.



Jeff_Lowe commented on Podcast: Episode 23 - When We Were Excited Abo...:

Great podcast! I picked up my Wii within minutes of completing my first year of law school. I drove directly from a brutal Constitutional Law exam to my local gaming store to make the purchase. I'll never forget the bizarre juxtaposition of competing emotions - complete defeat to pure euphoria within a span of 30 minutes.