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Rumour: Midnight Purple 3DS Spotted on Retail Site

Posted by James Newton

Prince nowhere to be seen

Update: Midnight Purple 3DS hits North America on 20th May.

Retailer Sam's Club has listed a Midnight Purple 3DS — a colour Nintendo hasn't announced. Joystiq spotted the listing this past weekend.

Purple was among the colours first shown off when 3DS was unveiled at E3 2010, but hasn't found its way into the handheld rainbow yet.

It wouldn't be the first purple console of course — Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, GameCube and Nintendo 64 have all been released in the hue — so there's certainly precedent. Still just a rumour, though.


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James said:

@Some_Chords No harm done! I should be used to it by now Anyway, we were one of the first sites to get the confirmation up, so it all evens out



Vriess said:

Wow...nice! I've got the cosmic black version but if I had the choice back then, I would have gotten the purple one.



mamp said:

My friend's still waiting for the white one, I dont blame him the white one looks awesome.



Super-Mario-Fan said:

Why don't they have a big choice of colors for handheld consoles when they first come out because then people regret getting the color they got.

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