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Nintendo UK Launches Repair Website

Posted by James Newton

One stop shop

Nintendo console owners in the UK have a new resource at their disposal: Nintendo Service Centre.

The website offers troubleshooting tips and also allows users to book in consoles for repair. Video tutorials also talk you through things like setting up parental controls, spending Nintendo Points and browsing digital stores.

So there you have it — any console troubles you have, visit Nintendo Service Centre or call them on 0845 60 50 247.

Official Nintendo UK Customer Support Centre Offers Help, Advice and Peace of Mind for Nintendo Product Owners

New, comprehensive online service offers fast, efficient and accessible repairs and information

23rd April 2012– Nintendo UK has launched the Official Nintendo Customer Support Centre, a comprehensive service offering answers to any questions Nintendo fans have about Wii™, Nintendo DS™ or Nintendo 3DS™ consoles, games or accessories as well as a fast, reliable repair service. Gamers can then get on with the more important activity – playing games.

Customers taking advantage of the repair service are offered an initial inspection free of charge, which includes free shipping for their console or accessories. There are no obligations, however if customers do choose to have equipment repaired, they will receive their products back within seven days. Where products are still under warranty, repairs are free, and are returned complete with a new one-year warranty, also free of charge.

Simplicity for customers is key, and booking repairs is quick and easy. The simple online application form includes pictures of all Nintendo products covered by the repair scheme for easy identification, and customers are sent postage labels for their products as part of the free shipping service.

Customers can also benefit from advice on topics such as connecting to the internet, gameplay advice, or trouble with accessories. The support centre’s online portal answers a variety of common questions in the form of self-help articles, however for those preferring the personal touch, there is also a dedicated customer services team available to answer queries over the phone.

The Official Nintendo Customer Support Centre offers a unique level of support. Taking customer care to a new level, the service makes challenges almost as enjoyable as Nintendo’s range of games.

For further information on the services available please contact the Official Nintendo Customer Support Centre: / 0845 60 50 247


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cammy said:

Finally. When I sent my Wii off to be repaired, took a while to find the details on their original site.



3dbrains said:

My screen on my 3DS is scratched in 4 places.
x2 scratches are from the generic screen scratch problem caused by closing the 3DS and putting it in your pocket for a walk.
the other 2 scratches are my fault and happened when cleaning my 3D screen and a tiny bit if grit made its way into my cleaning cloth ;-{

Do you think they would replace the plastic screen cover with the scratches on as I know the LCD underneath is perfect?



Jamix012 said:

"generic screen scratches" are a myth. You occasionally get waxy lines but it will not scratch the top screen.



cfgk24 said:

Fabulous! Thank you Nintendo! Excellent Customer Service! I love it!



Kyoto said:

@Jamix012: no, they're not. They are really there and I can see them very well when holding my 3DS in a specific angle. Luckily you don't see them when looking straight at the screen.



Chris720 said:

Did that DS Lite get mauled by a dog or something? It looks like it got chewed like a toy...



Gavin_Rozee said:

Doesn't matter where you go, you always get one of these people who think they know it all and just because their 3DS doesn't have a specific issue, it means everyone else who does is either crazy or lying.

Screen scratching happens, from no fault of the user. Deal with it.



SkywardLink98 said:

Nintendo of Europe seems to be better than Nintendo of America.

Next gen I'm moving to Europe :l



ImDiggerDan said:

I'm tempted to keep sending my 3DS system in for the free evaluation. They'll send it back with a report that nothing is wrong and hopefully a ton of StreetPass hits from all the Nintendo staff....



3dbrains said:


The scratches are very real. This is my second 3DS and it is happening to this now too. Don't act like an idiot. I love my 3DS and just want a new screen cover.

My question was "Do you think they will repair it?" and will it be free?
or cost something? and how much?



Satans_Therapist said:

@3d brains

I have the screen scratching issue too. Those rubber
feet on the top screen just didn't stick out enough
to prevent the ridge out the bottom screen scratching
the top screen.

Due this I called Nintendo on the above no. and they
said they were aware of this issue and to send my 3DS
back so they could look at it.

Nintendo kept me up to date with regular emails and
now I repaired 3DS is on its way back to me, hopefully
with larger rubber feet on the top screen.

It annoys me when people say this issue it a myth
because it definately is not. I've looked at many
pre owned 3DS consoles and some of them had
2 parallel lined scratches on the top screen whilst
some other 3DS consoles had bigger/taller rubber
feet on the top screen with prevents this issue.

It's obviously a manufacting issue with the 3DS and
not myth. People without this problem just struck lucky.

Regarding my repair: it was free since I'm within my
one year warranty. Nintendo even sent out a shipping
label so I didn't have to pay postage



AVahne said:

So far I only have the waxy lines appearing on my top screen, most likely because I bought screen protectors to prevent the top screen from ever getting scratches. I've this Zelda 3DS for a good 5-6 months now!



JustAnotherUser said:

They've had that site for a while, why are Nintendo saying it's new?
Probably to make customers aware that it exists.



Bugpy said:

One of our DS lites is holding the two screens together with only the wiring It works fine, it's just a bit dodgy



FriedSquid said:

Woah man, what happened to that DS? Looks like it got boiled or something. Does that belong a NL staff member?



MitchVogel said:

Is there a site like this for the US? My circle pad broke after several extended marathons of Kid Icarus: Uprising.



Lyndexer said:

Looks like someone raged at Mario kart DS and decided to chew the side of the DS lite.



Gioku said:

@Nano: I bet that's it! XD

Anyways, I do not have the scratches, but I do have the waxy lines occasionally, but I have been extra cautious with it to avoid the problem. Might have to give in and get screen protectors, though.

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