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Musical Epic Mickey 2 "Won't Make You Sing"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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As Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two was unveiled by legendary game designer Warren Spector, comments that it would be a 'musical' game raised some eyebrows. While some assumed that this simply meant the inclusion of songs in the storytelling, others interpreted that description as meaning that the game would include singing and, heaven forbid, dancing sections. For those of us that have no interest in singing along with Mickey in his latest adventure, Spector had reassuring words.

Speaking to, Spector clarified his comments and reassured gamers, and confused journalists, that Epic Mickey 2 wasn't going to turn into a singing or dancing title.

I've been itching to talk about the game and the songs for a while. When we announced the game, I sort of threw it out there, because I'm so proud and so happy. I saw the look of fear in people's eyes. I'm like, what the heck is going on? Doesn't everybody love musicals? I realised I had to explain things.

Spector went on the clarify that no participation is needed in the musical sections, and they can be skipped.

I just want to see how people respond to the music and the songs. They're not interactive by design. Later on, I hope maybe we get to do that in some other game, sometime in the future. But I feel like I have to reassure that 30 per cent [who were unsure] that it's okay. If you don't want to experience that part of the game you can just bypass it.

I don't think I was clear at the start it wasn't singing into a microphone or beatmatch. I should have been clear about that, and I wasn't. I want everybody to just take a chill pill and relax about this. I'm not going to make you sing into a microphone. I'm not going to make you dance in front of your TV. I'm not going to make you beatmatch. This is just a fun way to honour a part of Disney's history. If you don't like that part of Disney's history, skip it.

Those of you hoping to sing along with Mickey will have to put your microphones away, though no one's stopping you joining in with these musical sections if you really want to.


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Portista said:

Good, I'm glad I don't have to sing along to "It's a Small World After All"! lol



Whopper744 said:

I'm sure it will be great, musicals or not. If it's even better than the first one I will definitely be after this one!!



NintyMan said:

I never thought that it would literally make you sing into a microphone or something. I knew it's going to be the characters singing, so it's a little odd that people would interpret it the other way. He should've been clearer in the message, though.

After reading the article in the latest Nintendo Power, I believe this game will be better than the first, which is fantastic.



Wildvine53 said:

People actually thought you had to sing along? I thought the musical numbers would just be cut scenes.



ThomasBW84 said:

I made the assumption that the musical elements would be in cut-scenes, perhaps with the songs being influenced in some way by your in-game actions. The confusion was understandable though, and as a particularly microphone-shy and lousy singer, I'm relieved



V8_Ninja said:

I know this is somewhat off-topic, but I still want a game where the player has to dance and sing to death-metal. I just HAVE to see the videos.



Punny said:

I kind of figured that players wouldn't have to sing along. Still, call me crazy, but I'm actually looking forward to the songs. Most of the songs in animated Disney movies are fantastic, and knowing how big a Disney fan Warren Spector is, the songs in the game should be excellent.



ThomasBW84 said:

@LonelyGreyWolf I think he was maybe exasperated: he knew he'd been a bit unclear (so was, to some extent, at fault), but the usual over-reaction from those who are unsure had to be addressed.



Wii_Win said:

I read a preview of this, considering buying it. I changed my mind, repulsed when I saw the word "Musical." Gamers want to play GAMES, not watch semi-interactive musicals.



LonelyGreyWolf said:

@Wii_Win It is my understanding that the musicals are only cut-scenes. So what difference does it make? Instead of watching people talk all the time you hear them sing from time to time. Did you even read the article?

Funny that you say that games want to play games by the way, what with these Metal Gear Solid, Heavy Rain and Asura's Wrath games. The latter of which has, what was it, 70% cut-scenes and 30% gameplay, yet it's like five hours long or something like that?

In any case, I think having musicals could work well.

@ThomasBW84 Aye. It's hard to judge from text, he could be joking, but he really does seem irritated that people didn't seem to like the idea. Especially in the end where he's like "if you don't like it, skip it". I bet Disney didn't like to see him say that; as a publisher, they want to sell as many copies as possible.



Kyloctopus said:

I do like the musical idea, it's so Disney. And this is clearly for the hardcore Disney fans (AKA: Me)



Henmii said:

No hard feelings, mister Spector! Everyone with a bit of sense could imediately understand that you guys just where to throw some songs into the game. Because, you know, Disney movies almost always have songs!

And I am okay with that! I am absolutely no fan of musicals, but a singing Ratigan or Jafar did crack me up back in the day! Songs are a huge part of Disney cartoons! And in "The Kore gang" (that's a game by the way) there is also singing. From what I have seen, it looked fun!



Ras said:

"Take a chill pill and relax?" It sounds like he's channeling Michael Bay. Will Mickey be an alien? LOL.

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