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Heroes of Ruin Alchitect Trailer is 3DS Gold

Posted by James Newton

Fresh from PAX

3DS online action RPG hybrid Heroes of Ruin got another trailer today detailing the magic-based class that is the Alchitect.

The walkthrough video below talks you through the class's abilities and battle strategies, which could come in handy if you're planning to deal out some lightning-based damage come June.

There's also a bad dude known as the "demonic arcane invader Blade Devil", if that swings it for you.

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Kagamine said:

Can't decide on this game. I think I will get it, because i love rpg's, but it seems a little medicore...

Not saying that it is, i just think that their will be something better within a year.



X-145 said:

The 3DS graphics always look worse on a video, atleast that's my experience...

I've been wanting a game like this for ever! Online RPG? Yes, please! This game does look really good. Better and better with every preview.



Gustoff said:

This is a definite buy for me. I love the fact that the stages will never be the same no matter how many times you go back and play it. That's awesome replayability in my opinion. Also the drop in/out gameplay for up to four players. Plus voice chat when online and streetpass/spotpass included. Also, i want to support n-Space as they've made the awesome portable titles of Call of Duty. Here's hoping they release a CoD title for 3DS as well. Can't wait to get this!



Squiggle55 said:

What I really need to know is this: will this game give me my WoW fix? Will teamwork and doing your job be imperative in dungeons? I guess what I really need is reviews on how people feel about the battles.



RR529 said:

Hmm... Looks fun, but I'm split on it.

The good. It's an RPG, and I love RPGs. The online co-op with friends would be epic.

The bad. It's a randomized dungeon crawler (my least favorite kind of RPG), and in addition to that, there are a lot of other 3DS RPGs hitting this year, which are more appealing to my tastes, like Tales of the Abyss (got it, and it's fantastic), Kingdom Hearts 3D (my most anticipated 3DS game regardless of genre), Paper Mario*, Unchained Blades (eShop), and maybe even Fire Emblem Awakening if that hits Stateside this year. Also, while the environments looked decent, that closeup of the character model at the 2:40 mark looked awfully DS, instead of 3DS, quality wise.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Looks really fun, but remember, those fire imps are no joke!
Hahaha, and I almost feel bad for the monsters, they get brutalized, and don't stand much of a chance.
Yeah, the character model looked a generation older, but I would imagine they had to scale some things back so they could fit more content in there, but even so, I would still play this.



Bucho said:

Can't wait! i hope it has plenty of dificulty levels because in all the vids i've seen it looks rather easy, if we can crank the dificulty up a bit it would be aces <3



AVahne said:

It actually just looks worse when compared to other games like Monster Hunter 3G, which is the closest 3DS game I can think of to this. However, this game looks really fun and the graphics are good enough to convey the game to me.



Samholy said:

reminds me a lot Champions of Norrath, which engulfered tons of hours on my ps2.
rarely saw a squareenix game that sucked. so... ill get it !!!!!!!!
the online mode intrigue me, but ill keep my reserve. 3DS didnt prove me it was the big deal for online gaming. kid icarus is fun, but its simplistic.



SyFyTy said:

If they only release, this game, a new Fire Emblem and an Advance Wars for the 3ds,I would be a happy (ambassador) camper...even if no other games ever released, not that I don't want more.. I would love a CIV REV 3ds. I still have a back stock of over 70 DS gamers I purchased, many not even opened yet, that I want to play...



Rapido said:

I think the online coop is the ace of the Game. Much more like Diablo III. Would like to try the character with the GUNS and shoot like crazy. Definitely a must have.

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