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Nintendo 3DS Hits 15 Million Sold Worldwide

Posted by James Newton

Back on track

Nintendo has revealed it's sold over 15 million 3DS consoles around the world since it launched in February 2011.

The console had a strong three months from October to December, selling over 4.6m units around the world, its most successful quarter of sales to date.

In this financial year — i.e. from April 2011 to date — Nintendo has sold 11.43m 3DS systems. Despite this success, Nintendo has altered its sales target from 16m consoles worldwide to 14m. Can it maintain its momentum to reach the milestone in time?

Nintendo also restated that 3DS has sold more in its first nine months than either Wii or Nintendo DS.

In software, Japan was the runaway winner, selling 4.09m units in the last quarter, of which some 3m were contributed by the golden triumvirate of Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land and Monster Hunter 3 G.

In the Americas, 2.78m 3DS games were sold and 3.61m were sold in Nintendo's gracefully named "Other" region. The last quarter saw 10.48m 3DS software units sell around the world. Since April, 3DS software sales stand at 28.04m.

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stromboli said:

The 3DS has sold in incredible numbers. They are already exceeding their own expectations. Hopefully, this will give a major boost to the share price, so it can recover in time for the Wii U and then go back to the way it was during the Wii peak.



stromboli said:

@James - well in the article, you said that Nintendo sold 15 million, and their target was 16M until the end of April, that is, so something here doesn't add up. Obviously, if they sold 15M now, they will sell more than 16M by the end of April.



James said:

@stromboli Nintendo has sold 15m 3DS consoles in its lifespan, but remember 3DS was released in the previous financial year. This financial year — as stated in the article — the machine has sold 11.43m. Apologies for any confusion!



3dbrains said:

You can tell your friends they have actually sold 15,000,001 3DS.
Just got mine



NintyMan said:

Topping the Wii's and DS's first sales is no small feat. As more first-party software releases, and they will, those numbers will keep adding up and up.



James said:

And yet the 3DS is not profitable whereas Wii and DS were, so I wonder whether Nintendo is pleased or not with how quickly it's selling



C-Olimar said:

Is the 3DS really selling at a loss? I thought it was just a rumour. It can't be a big loss anyway. And why are people averaging like 2 games per system?! I have 11, with 2 more traded in (Puzzle Bobble and Monkey Ball).



kyuubikid213 said:

Alright! Let's hope that the PSVita can keep up! It will. It'll keep up just fine with every CoD port and Uncharted... Actually no. All of the CoDs ported (EXCEPT Black Ops), Little Big Planet, Mod Nation Racers, Uncharted, and inFamous that will not show up until 2013... yeah...



grimbldoo said:

"Nintendo sucks!" Explain the sales then dimwit. <-- Happens overtime I talk about systems to a hardcore gamer. If you can't play COD on insane sensitivity on the Wii, then I refuse to call you hardcore.



grimbldoo said:

@kyuubikid213, I sure hope PSVita can keep up because I bought the PSP 1000 series and only got three games, the rest weren't good enough to buy for me. I am not willing to waste over $300 again. I would not have bought the 3DS if there was not at least ten games that I would like to get, and guess what?

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