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North America, Expect Xenoblade Chronicles Before May

Posted by James Newton

Pre-order from Nintendo now

Nintendo gave a vague spring 2012 release date for Xenoblade Chronicles in North America, but now you can pre-order the game directly from Nintendo we have a slightly more precise date.

The Nintendo store has the game up for pre-order at $49.99 with the following statement:

We expect to begin by the end of April 2012. A confirmation email will be sent when your order ships.

Now we know Wii U's release date isn't going to be in April it seems we won't be bored after all.


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NintyMan said:

I thought they already said it was in April. If It's the end of April, then that'd be too late for my birthday, but it might be in time for my sister's. I'll get it eventually.



James said:

@NintyFan Original press release I have just said "spring", though Gamestop's original image said April.

Actually, I see now the Nintendo site did say April. Well, as you were!



shingi_70 said:

Pre-ordering at gamestop. (as should everyone) as they said how they are looking at this game on weather to bring over the last story.



rjejr said:

Not pre-ordering at GS so as not to let them have monopoly power on future games. Imagine if every game only shipped via Gamestop? No sales, B1G1 offers, gift cards, discounts, nothing except full price games, take it or leave it. I have $75 credit at GS and I'll have another $30 after I finish Zelda but I'm still buying it thru N just b/c I don't like the GS exclusivity. I buy plenty of stuff there, I'm not knocking the store (this time), I just don't want to be part of setting a bad precedent.



Ichabod said:


I have no problem with Gamestop getting exclusives, especially when it's a case such as this. As far as we know, Gamestop is the only reason we are getting the game, and will be the only reason there will be any adverts for it as well.

If other companies want to step up and make a deal with Ninty to make previously unavailable game available, I won't be barring the way. I just want my games. If you want your deals, just wait a few weeks and Amazon will be filled with copies for sale.



Ryno said:

Gamestop is the only reason we are getting the game, and will be the only reason there will be any adverts for it as well.

As much as I don't shop at Gamestop, I agree they are probably one of the biggest reasons that NA is actually getting this game. People would be wise to buy this one from Gamestop to show support for their influence in bringing this game here.



stromboli said:

Very glad this game is coming to NA. IN the future, when people speak of the Wii and its great games, this will be one of the greatest. Otherwise, it would always have had an asterisk. Awesome.



zionich said:

@ rjejr

More than likley its GameStop thats investing some of there money on a big risk VS return investment. Of course there doing it in the hope to make lots of money, thats what business' do. If anything, stay mad at NOA, not the company willing to take the risk. Even if it just for this one game. Xeoblades sales will determin the oter two comming to the US.



Kazuki said:

Xenoblade is the best game for Wii, big stages, big music, big graphics, and the most-epic history for the console...




Popyman said:

@rjejr: That's kind of a ridiculous reason, man...GameStop probably didn't even put any money into being exclusive. You know how Atlus, NIS, Aksys, XSEED, and other small publishers only have their games in GameStop and on their own websites most of the time? This is like that. Nintendo cares so little about Xenoblade that they aren't risking any money on a large release. They're just flaunting the "GameStop Exclusive!" angle to make it seem more impressive.



kurtasbestos said:

So there are no pre-order bonuses through either GameStop or Nintendo, right? Lame. That's the ONLY reason I would even consider buying anything from GameStop, so it looks like I'm going with Nintendo.



WolfRamHeart said:

I'm glad that I can order this game directly from Nintendo now. That is where I am getting my copy.



Ichabod said:

Pre-order bonuses usually only appear as a way to draw consumers to Gamestop. As it is an exclusive, there's no reason for them to add more to it. Instead of ordering it straight from Nintendo (which won't get you anything special either), you should buy it from Gamestop to help show that it was a smart choice for them to take this risk. Ordering from Nintendo won't support Gamestop to try and take in the rest of the Project Rainfall games.

Shame on all of you that complained that NA doesn't get games, then the company that tries to help us out, you shun? Shame indeed.



brooks83 said:

In most cases, I refuse to shop at Gamestop, but it is cool of them to sell the game. But please don't get overdramatic and talk about how Gamestop is going out of their way to help us, because all they care about is the money.



kurtasbestos said:

Ichabod -> It makes sense that there aren't any bonuses... but still, I would have loved a red classic controller or soundtrack or a fancy box or AT LEAST a solid-gold helicopter filled with jewels and chocolate or something. At any rate, I don't live in the US anymore, so it's not like I'm going to have a lot of chances to support Gamestop. They're a pretty terrible company anyway, so even when I did live in the States I had far better choices for buying my games and never shopped there.



Moonhillwat said:

I sure hope this is a success, because what I REALLY want is The Last Story. So if Xenoblade Chronicles does well in the U.S., hopefully they'll consider that one too. :3

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