Nintendo Europe's seemingly never-ending list of games due out in 2012 includes this list of gems on the way to 3DS in the next 12 months.

As well as confirming Professor Layton for 3DS in 2012 and a March release date for Kid Icarus: Uprising, there are a few more gems in here to make 2012 look like a bright year of gaming indeed.

Bear in mind Nintendo says these are "just some" of the upcoming games, so if your most anticipated 2012 release isn't on there — let's say Animal Crossing, for instance — don't panic.

Here's the list as sent over by Nintendo for you to start planning your next year's spend.

Nintendo 3DS Software for 2012

Resident Evil™ Revelations (Capcom) — 27th January 2012
Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro — 27th January 2012
CRUSH™ 3D (SEGA) — January 2012
3D Game Collection (Mastertronic) — January 2012
VVVVVV [Download] (Nicalis) — January 2012
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games™ (SEGA) — February 2012
One Piece Unlimited Cruise Special (NAMCO BANDAI Games S.A.S.) — 10th February 2012
SpeedThru: Potzol's Puzzle [Download] (Nintendo) — February 2012
Kid Icarus™: Uprising (Nintendo) — March 2012
Landwirtschafts-Simulator 2012 (astragon Software GmbH) — 31st March 2012 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
Metal Gear Solid®: Snake Eater 3D (KONAMI) — Winter
PAC-MAN™ Party 3D (NAMCO BANDAI Games S.A.S.) — Q1 2012
BEN 10™ Galactic Racing (NAMCO BANDAI Games S.A.S.) — Q1 2012
TEKKEN™ 3D Prime Edition (NAMCO BANDAI Games S.A.S.) — Q1 2012
Crash Time 4 (PQube) — Q1 2012
3D Classics: Kid Icarus™ [Download] (Nintendo) — Q1 2012
Colors! 3D [Download] (Collecting Smiles) — Q1 2012
Dillon's Rolling Western™ [Download] (Nintendo) — Q1 2012
Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! [Download] (Shin’en Multimedia) — Q1 2012
Mutant Mudds™ [Download] (Renegade Kid) — Q1 2012
Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure™ (SEGA) — Early 2012
Mario Tennis™ [Tentative] (Nintendo) — 2012
Luigi’s Mansion™ 2 [Tentative] (Nintendo) — 2012
Professor Layton 5 [Tentative] (Nintendo) — 2012