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Solve the Mystery of the James Noir Launch Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Oh, that was easy

One of the earliest third-party games revealed for 3DS James Noir's Hollywood Crimes finally makes it to Europe today, and we have a new launch trailer to show off.

Originally called Hollywood 61, the game has one of the most bizarre plots we've ever heard in a game: as a contestant in a 1960s game show, you soon discover a diabolical criminal mastermind is murdering your fellow competitors. To escape alive, you'll have to solve a series of dastardly riddles and conundrums.

We'll have a full review in the near future.

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ImDiggerDan said:

I love it how as soon as any company manages to release a successful genuinely new idea for a game, a dozen cheap crappy rip off versions spring up almost overnight. Or in the case of Nintendogs, a million crappy rip offs.

Having said that, this one seems to have pretty good production values and some of the puzzles shown in the screens and videos at least try to do stuff that Layton hasn't yet (unless they are in the 3DS Layton and I just don't know about it yet).

Anyway, meh from me too. CBA with these puzzle games any more.



MeloMan said:

Point and click games, my kinda category. Looking forward to a review.



Raylax said:

James Noir. Fairly certain that's not a real name. James Newton's pen name for bad game fiction?



SLiM said:

Looks like a great game for those who can't get enough of Professor Layton.

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