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James Noir's Hollywood Crimes for Nintendo 3DS makes you the main character in a mind-twisting puzzle adventure in an interactive 3D world!

Live the thrill of mastering tailor-made mind games as you solve over 140 intriguing puzzles to solve a deadly mystery. Set in 1960s Hollywood, the game takes place inside a TV game show where you are a participant. As you play, you discover a series of murders and a diabolical criminal mastermind that is manipulating and defying you at every turn.

Everyone on the set of the show is in danger - especially you! Solving the puzzles left by the killer at every crime scene is the only way to clear your name and to uncover his identity before it's too late. Uniquely personal puzzles and a cinematic 1960s Hollywood environment combined with stereoscopic 3D technology make this murder-mystery a truly immersive experience!

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Posted by Mark Reece

The big easy

Since its debut, the DS console's (then) unique capabilities have presented developers with more than ample scope to push boundaries and explore new ways for us to interact and perceive handheld games. The touch screen has been hugely beneficial for Level...

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Get to grips with James Noir's Hollywood Crimes, a new murder mystery puzzle game show (sort of) on Nintendo 3DS. Out now!

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KeeperBvK said:

@ Rally: Well, thanks for your great comment.

On topic: I played a demo of this a few weeks ago at a Nintendo press event and while the 3D effect was barely existant, the game itself seemed like a nice little puzzle-adventure type of game.

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