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Monster Hunter 3 G Demo Stomping to Japan's eShop

Posted by James Newton

You asked for it

3DS-enhanced monster mash Monster Hunter 3 G is set to be one of the first 3DS games to offer a downloadable demo in Japan.

The 169MB demo contains two quests and a choice of 12 weapons, with quests lasting around 20 minutes. Most interesting is Capcom's confirmation the demo is playable a maximum of 30 times before it becomes inert.

Here's the game's opening movie to get you all fired up for Capcom's monster hunting extravaganza which, at the time of writing, has no confirmed release date outside of Japan.

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Denantian said:

Wow! Nice to see demos finally creeping up in the eShop, even if it's only in Japan for now~



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

I'm honestly surprised they didn't take advantage of this with SM3DL and MK7, both are games Nintendo has been trying to move in massive numbers, and a free demo would only have encouraged sales



alLabouTandroiD said:

Do . want ! Maybe they could even make more "stripped down" missions available as paid maybe even episodic downloads in the eShop. I can see me enjoy these more than i would the full, more time consuming game. (which still looks great anyway)

And i very much hope this is the only the start for demos on the 3DS. There should be as many as possible. I think they can boost sales dramatically too.



SkywardLink98 said:

Why do all the hunters seem to be running. I thought the point of being a hunter was to kill the thing. And also what was with the 3 hunters at once, I thought they got rid of online for this.



ejamer said:

The Wii demo (on disc) wasn't a great showing for that game - it dropped new players into a world they didn't really understand and weren't equipped to deal with very well. Yet I'm still incredibly jealous to hear this news.

Also, the opening movie looks great. I said before that it would be worth waiting for Monster Hunter 4... but if this game gets a Western release I'll buy.



SLiM said:

I hope demos start making their way to all the eShops. There are so many games I pass up because I'm not sure if I will like them or not.



Megumi said:

Wonder why they left out Bracchi in the demo.
@7: Sometimes you would be running too if you were almost dead, lol.



AVahne said:

Just what IS that thing at the end? Is that Portable 3rd's final boss, Amatsumagatsuchi?



zezhyrule said:

@Koto: Definitely not. Unless Elder Dragons can have subspecies now. Oh wait... Jhen does, so who knows.

MH demos are never good for first-time players, they don't teach you anything.



Hokori said:

ok this is why I dont get why nintendo needs to pull out demos... arnt these games popular enough that theyll sell no matter what?? I get that you should do this to get even more people to like a game, but games like these are why I dont think they need demos




@Koto It looks like a magmatic Kushala Daora or a cross between Gravios, Lavasioth, Agnaktor, and Hannibal from God(s) Eater Burst



Megumi said:

Zez...elder Dragons had subs before. xD
Anyways yeah, that looks nothing like Amatsu.



zezhyrule said:

Well... Yes... I will leave now

kicks white/crimson fatalis and... I don't even know D:



Traxx said:

OMG I want it naow.

There is still too much running away from the monsters in this movie, but at least we get an epic GS upswing connecting with Great Jaggi's chin (don't do this in Multiplayer kids).



AVahne said:

To me it seemed like a molten Amatsu or Lagi, though I couldn't tell if the head was an Amatsu or a Lagi, it just looked similar to them

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