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Mario Kart Communities Intended for 3DS Operating System

Posted by James Newton

What happened?

The online communities function in Mario Kart 7 was originally supposed to be a system-wide function, according to director Kosuke Yabuki in a new Iwata Asks

MK7 uses communities to allow players to gather together and share times and progress, somewhat like a clan. According to Yabuki, this feature was supposed to be included in the console, but it didn't happen:

At first, we wanted to include a feature where friends could gather like this directly on Nintendo 3DS, but schedule-wise it was tight and wouldn't fit. So I said, "I'll do it with Mario Kart 7." Having said that, I knew I had to think of something and drew a rough plan on a big sheet of paper.

Despite Yabuki's low-tech start, the communities function is a welcome addition to Mario Kart 7, though we can't help but rue its loss from the system as a whole.


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Cipher said:

In theory, it could still be added in a future system update, but even if it isn't its inclusion in Mario Kart 7 (and hopefully future titles too) is certainly a good thing.



CosmoXY said:


You know someone's going to say that.



shoopdawoop70 said:

If this isn't fixed soon, I'll only give it a 9 out of 10. I would have given it a 10 if this was incorporated. Shun, Nintendo!



Chris720 said:

Really? "schedule-wise, it was tight and wouldn't fit"

Talk about another reason to think it was rushed... hopefully they incorporate this into the next update.



Dodger said:

It was rushed, alright. Who rushes a system for an Easter launch? I knew when we waited months for the Eshop and browser and by the lack of good games that a lot of other cool funtions were scrapped. Plus nobody noticed that their $250 system scratches its own screen before launch. Either that or they ignored it.

The 3DS would of been great at launch if it had waited until the holiday season, Vita or no Vita. It could of launched with SM3DL, OoT3D, MK7 and Nintendogs. That launch lineup could beat anything Sony could throw at it. This also includes 3D video, a browser, a few launch titles for the Eshop, maybe swapnote and a lot of other features they would of had time to add. I just don't get why they launched a system around a time that isn't a shopping holiday with Nintendogs as its only big name game. Pilotwings made a good game included in a $50 game worse and Steel Diver should of been an eshop game.



CosmoXY said:

A lot of people still moaning and crying about the 3DS launch. Guess what? The good games are flowing in, 3DS is selling millions, good times are here at last. Quit complaining about the launch already.



Hokori said:

@15 exactly I got mine at midnight day 1 and I have no regrets, maybe its because I dont feel like forking over the $$ to buy a PS3 or 360 to play SSF4, but that was THE reason to get it right away (even though I suck at REAL fighters)

also how does them releasing 10 great games at once in DEC differ from them releasing a couple of good games every month b4 DEC? because the way I see it is if they had 10 great games all at once people wouldnt really know what to get, but this way they can get a few games b4 Dec and then even more in Dec



SMW said:

Maybe the Wii U will get these features and this is a test-drive? It would make since with all the praise that Peter Moore is giving the Wii U's online structure. We can only hope.



evildarkrai said:

lol well im making a clan anyway its called [LoD] and igot ppl in it 2 & if all u other ppl r getting MK7 & want 2 b in a clan just tell me :]



Dodger said:

@Duney They aren't flowing in. We have two Mario games. Most of the rest are TBA for next year.

It really is inexcusable. I can't play MK7 now for a few weeks until my 3DS R button gets repaired because they didn't fix the problems that the DSi had and so it will need repaired every year from normal usage. I'm not upset about the price cut. I'm upset that they released a system that had no games, no features, doesn't solve the hardware problems of the last generation and adds new hardware problems. It is going to get better next year but if they had even waited until the summer then it wouldn't need to get better. I think mine is a fair complaint. They knew they weren't ready and they had no reason to release it before it was ready.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'm with everybody that hopes it will be included in a future update.
Also what SMW (18.) said. Ninty probably thought 3D alone will sell the system and that they only have to work hard for making the WiiU attractive.




wait who care i looked at mario kart 7 onlineplay on you tube i think i saw a button that said play whith frinds so that you community your frinds are



Paperguy13 said:

-sigh- Can any of you guys read?! He was talking about the Wii version lacking the community feature, not the 3ds! Serously, did you guys even read the whole thing? -_-



Dodger said:

@Paperguy Where does it say that? It seems to me that it is pretty clear it is talking about the 3DS. The article says that the communities feature was meant for the 3DS system but the schedule was tight so they just put it in MK7.

And I'm sorry if I seem all doom and gloom but the frustration is there and I'm pretty on-topic. The article mentions a feature that was going to be on the 3DS but wasn't because they rushed it. The 3DS is a cool systems with cool games (that are still mostly TBA) that Nintendo seemed determined to wreck over the last couple of years. I think it was a wakeup call for them and 2012 will be back to normal.



Paperguy13 said:

@Dodger Oh, i see. It was me who misread it, when it said "Console" i was thinking of the Wii, sorry guys xD. But people should atleast be happy that the 3ds is getting better :/



zyxion said:

I agree with 14 on many of those points nintendo could do better, but with things like this is because of popularity also there arent as many nintendo fans in the U.S as there are in Japan so Nintendo wants to make sre probably because something this big takes more time and Nintendo wants to see if they'll utillize this worldwide or regional its like those Yugioh duel stations that we dont have here. We dont really get some of the cooler games, features, ect. But I will be making a clan and I still have faith Nintendi wont maks these same mistakes with the wii u

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