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Mario and Zelda's Babies Would Play Like This

Posted by James Newton

The ultimate crossover chaos

We found out after E3 that there's a Zelda-style level in Super Mario 3D Land, and now we have a video look.

As you can see below, the game takes more than a few cues from old-school outings like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening DX, except with much more Mario and much fewer Rupees. It's a strange mix and no mistake.

Our Super Mario 3D Land review goes live at 10am Pacific Standard Time: that's 1pm EST and 6pm GMT. Don't miss it.

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SaKo said:

Cool! In an Iwata asks article, they said that they were doing this for the celebration of zeldas 25th anniversary!



NintenHero said:

Yeah, I already seen this preview before. Maan i can't wait for 3D Land! voooooii!!



NintyMan said:

You know what, as much as I would like to watch that, I don't want to spoil myself this late in the game (pun intended) since the game comes out this Sunday over here. I'll wait for the review, which I think is fair to say will be a good one.



Link79 said:

Besides being an overhead view it didn't seem very Zelda inspired to me.
I was expecting to see some Zelda type enemies or something.
You know, Kinda like how Link's awakening had Goombas.



Late said:

@Link79: The whole stage seems to only use Spinys as enemies. I think it's because of Spiked Beetle in the Zelda series. At least they look a little alike, I waited for them to attack like in Zelda but not then...
And I think it was really weird decision to use Mario enemies and Anti-Kirby (without even asking permission from HAL) in Link's Awakening. It was nice to see them in the game but I don't think it was necessary.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Would have been cooler if Mario had to find a power-up in the level to help him complete like in the Galaxy games. This would have made it more Zelda like.



Megumi said:

Seen the level before, its alright....was hoping for a special music track for the level. Ah well, lol



FonistofCruxis said:

@NintenHero Welcome to nl. Also, voooiiii? Are you referencing Squalo from Reborn?
As Link79 said, the overhead view seems to be the only way that this is similar to Zelda but it still seems like a fun level.



rayquaza_master said:

If this level is the same size as a normal level, then it's pretty disappointing, unless it's a world 1 or 2 level.Otherwise, can't wait to play it



Capt_N said:

The rolling spike wheels are Zelda-ish, although they are also seen in Mario games, just not as much as in Zelda. The opening room @ :20, like Zelda has fire-lights, or creature statues in the opening room.

@md1500: #19- yeah I see it too.

Edit: @ 0:09-0:11 you can hear one of the ALttP boss intro fanfares, unless it's part of the music.

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