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Podcast: Episode 22 - Heroes of Ruin and Super Mario 3D Land

Posted by James Newton

Plus Zelda hype too

That's right: the Nintendo Life podcast is back in action, focusing on some of the biggest games set for release in the next six months.

We talk to Heroes of Ruin community manager Kevin Eva about some of the gameplay modes and secret surprises in one of 2012's most promising games, Brad Long shares some of his thoughts about Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Peter Willington joins in to discuss whether Super Mario 3D Land can live up to its burgeoning sink-or-swim reputation.

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User Comments (18)



antdickens said:

@James great episode though, good to hear from Kev on Heroes of Ruin. Great debate with Peter on Mario Land 3D, good stuff!



Aqueous said:

Umm, the time bar is not working is not working and you never brought up skyward sword. Also it's episode 21 in the show and 22 on the title.



James said:

You spotted the deliberate mistake! Good work.

Also, Brad — aka @Chunky_Droid aka the Australian one — definitely talked about Skyward Sword



Aqueous said:

@James - which one was the mistake? The time bar? I only heard Hero's of Ruin and Mario 3d land in the recording, of course I was playing pokemon at the same time so I might have missed it, sure it's there?



James said:

The number is the mistake - the moving bar is out of my hands!

Pretty sure Zelda is in there after the Heroes of Ruin interview and Mario's special appearance



Aqueous said:

@James - No, it went from Hero's of Ruin right to Super Mario 3D Land, tells us parts of the Mario one when missing, tells us where to find it and ends. No Zelda in there.



sinalefa said:

I had no idea you had a podcast here. I usually grow bored of podcasts when they are an hour or longer. But I will give it a shot.



Malkeor said:

A back and forth interview with a single topic is kind of boring to be honest.

And the monotone in certain parts of the podcast....cmon if you're trying to get us excited for Zelda there are better ways to do it.

Timestamps would be really cool too.

Of course that is if you ever read this and you decide to do another podcast

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