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Nintendo Europe's Official Statement About eShop Cards

Posted by James Newton

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Until now the lack of 3DS eShop cards in Europe has proved a real pain, prompting us to state the eShop card delay proves Nintendo still doesn't get it. Now Nintendo's European arm has released a statement about the cards:

Nintendo eShop Cards are now being roll out at various stores across Europe. You have the choice of several denominations for Nintendo eShop Cards.

With an increasing number of shops stocking the Nintendo eShop Cards, it will become ever more convenient for Nintendo users to make use of this easy payment method over the coming weeks, especially as Nintendo eShop Cards become available in supermarkets, book shops and many other convenient locations.

As with any pre-paid option, the Nintendo eShop Cards are activated at the point of purchase. When a user purchases a card at any sales point, the code will be activated and the credit will become available. The 16-digit code on the reverse side can be entered into any one of the following:

Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS
Wii Shop Channel
Nintendo DSi Shop

Afterwards, you can begin shopping immediately.

So there we have it: on 1st September Nintendo of Europe announces that, nearly three months after the eShop launched, payment cards are "beginning to roll out" across Europe. Hopefully now we'll be able to look forward to upcoming 3DS download games in the months ahead.

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alLabouTandroiD said:

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the HQ of NoE now ! I'd say your article at least did its part in pushing them to release this statement. Great work, guys !



Wheels2050 said:

Oh well, you'd hate for them to put TOO much effort into promoting their hardware...




SKTTR said:

I got one of these new points cards yesterday. No lack of them here in Germany.



weirdproq said:

Still no 3DS Prepaid Cards in Canada. I looked in a best buy and even asked someone but they don't have it. I looked on there Canadian website. I looked on the Canadian websites for Walmart and Amazon. I Couldn't find the card.



Slapshot said:

Why one Nintendo card doesn't work on all Nintendo platforms completely baffles me.



sonicfan1373 said:


I know in Canada we always get everything last and usually at higher prices. Nintendo of America cares about all of America except for us Canadians. I've talked to a EB Games owner who told me that they will bring the cards from September - October.



Token_Girl said:

Huh, that's interesting that you can use eshop cards on Wii and DSiWare too. Maybe the delay was in updating the Wii/DSi Shops to accept the new cards?

Not much of an excuse, but an interesting reason, nonetheless.



Thwiidscube said:

Only in Europe. The ones here in North America only work for the eShop. If you want to buy stuff on the DSi Shop, you'll have to buy a Nintendo Points card.

I guess us Americans are kinda lucky getting our cards immediately after the eShop came out.



kurtasbestos said:

It must be weird not being able to just buy points/games directly... are there really that many people out there without access to a credit/debit card??



Blue_Yoshi said:

Who cares about lack of eShop cards in Europe? I have yet to even see any in American stores. Ya kno it rly hurts me to see PSN cards, Xbox Live cards, an ni Wii points, or DSi points or any of that. Nintendos gotta step up on there game.



Henmii said:

"especially as Nintendo eShop Cards become available in supermarkets, book shops and many other convenient locations"

That sounds good! So, not only game-shops and toy-stores will have them, but also different shops. So, more options!

And you can also enter them into the Wii-shop? So that probably means you can finally buy "credit" again for the Wii shop without getting scammed (shops that ask 25 Euro's for a 2000 points card, 35 Euro's for a 3000 points card, you get the picture!)!



johnnysaint3 said:

will this rather is a lot of rubbish i haven't seen eshop cards for the 3ds in the uk yet and its december 2011 wth......

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