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Get a Venusaur C-Gear Skin with Exclusive Code

Posted by James Newton

Give your gear a makeover

Pokémon Black & White has plenty to keep you going, so if you're still playing the game then Nintendo wants to reward you with some new looks for your all-important C-Gear.

By using the special code below and the Pokémon Global Link website, you'll be able to add an exclusive Venusaur theme to the C-Gear. It doesn't end there though: Nintendo will release new skins in October and November, accessible by the same method.

Here's the Venusaur code for your pleasure:


What would you like the other two skins to be?


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Cipher said:

Well, we know from the Japanese promotions that more likely than not they're going to be Charizard and Blastoise. Mesa wants the Blastoise. :3



BooJoh said:

I've got the Pokémon Championship skin atm, but if I can get the Porygon-Z skin I'll probably never change it again. Too bad these will no doubt be the other evolved starters.



TeeJay said:

I still have the munna skin....haven't been able to find a Nintendo Wifi point to change it to anything else.



Morpheel said:

The best c-gear skin so far, thanks for the code!

Nevermind, europe-only

Watch as we get an america-only Charizard/Blastoise skin :3



Highwinter said:

More likely they'll just roll out in America at different times. For example, you guys just got a Zoroark theme, where as everywhere else got the Deerling. Everywhere will get all of them, eventually.

I don't really see the point though, is anyone really still playing the game? This sort of stuff needed to come much closer to the release.



KaiserGX said:

Cool I was JUST looking at these yesterday on Sereb... EUROPE?!?! NO!!! MAN WHY! STOP DOING THIS SAY EUROPE IN THE DAMN TITLE PAGE! Aghhhhhh!!! commits suicide



Wheels2050 said:

@Highwinter: if I had a bit more time I'd be playing at the moment - I plan to get back into it soon. However, I've finished the main quest and will be doing post-game stuff which many people won't do.

It is nice to see them supporting the game regularly, even if it is just aesthetic options. I'd like to see some more wifi events, but this is better than nothing!



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'm still working on the post-story stuff and filling out my Pokédex.

So why did you post a news artical for this new European C-Gear Skin, but you completely ignored the new Zoroark C-Gear Skin in North America?



TKOWL said:

Darnit, I wanted something interesting to look at besides a Pikachu on a skateboard



komicturtle said:

There's also a Charizard Skina and Blastoise... and Pikachu, representing the original 4 games

Cool DLC considering there's totally new skins every now and then revealed

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