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Flame Red 3DS Heats Up Australia from 22nd September

Posted by James Newton

Just Europe left

Brace yourself Australia: you're getting a new 3DS colour in three weeks.

The Flame Red machine heads Down Under on 22nd September, retailing for $AU249.95. It follows the red console's North American launch on 9th September and its Japanese appearance back in July. Europe is still waiting information from Nintendo but it seems likely we'll hear soon. Of course, as soon as we hear any news we'll bring it to you right here.

Will you be picking one up, Aussies?


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Tasuki said:

Yea for Australia. I was wondering if they were going to get it as well. I will be picking mine up here a week from now.



BenAV said:

I'm happy with my Aqua Blue 3DS, but more options are always good.



Raptor78 said:

The way NoE are at the moment, they will have been in the shops, sold out and then not being produced anymore.
NoE have been a joke in regards to keeping us informed about the prepay cards and the Ambassador scheme. If it wasnt for sites such as Nintendolife us Europeans would know nothing. Mabey NoE should pay you lot to control their press releases and be their personal mouthpiece because whoever is running it at the moment is doing a terrible job.



linkster55 said:

I was planning on getting a Flame Red 3DS, but opted for an Aqua Blue 3DS so i could qualify for the Ambassador Program. I may end up buying one down the road and transferring the games via SD card though...



Andyman64 said:

Funny it still costs the same as the American one pre price drop. No thanks NOAu. I imported day one and still come out on top with the free games.



Wheels2050 said:

Still not enough to push me into 3DS ownership. I'm afraid (although I don't think just a colour scheme would manage that).



Pj1 said:

I agree with Raptor78 Nintendo Life is king of Nintendo information and is surley the best at letting people know the latest news. We will get those red 3DS's but during the Christmas build up...



Tasuki said:

@Linkster55: I almost did that but after I thought about it I have all those games that the ambassadors got for free in some form or another, so I just opted to wait till the Flare red one came out.



Thwiidscube said:

Meh... red's nice, but I think I'll keep my black 3DS and not spend $160 on another. My 3DS is an Ambassador 3DS anyway!



Lobster said:

I'm not really sure why someone would buy one color, then just buy another a few months down the road. I adore my Aqua Blue 3DS though. Also I'm the person that never even upgraded my DS phat to a DS Lite or DSi, so I have to say I'm not the sort of person that understands replacing perfectly good (gaming) hardware anyway.

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