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Events: Eurogamer Expo 2011

Posted by Anthony Dickens

22nd to 25th September, Earls Court, London

Now in its fourth year, the Eurogamer Expo is the UK's biggest dedicated video games event, brought to you by the people behind Eurogamer. Unlike media and trade-only events like E3, Eurogamer Expo is aimed at gamers, with playable versions of the most anticipated games for this Christmas and beyond. The world's most talented developers also drop by to present their work directly to the public, giving presentations throughout the four-day event.

Seeing as Nintendo Life is now close friends of Eurogamer, a selection of staff will be visiting the show over the next few days. Head honcho Anthony Dickens and News Editor James Newton will be in attendance on Thursday, while Operations Director Darren Calvert and freelancer Ryan Lambie will be there on Saturday.

We'll be doing our best to play as many interesting games as possible and report back any findings in addition to our E3 coverage earlier this year.

Eurogamer expects around 30,000 people to attend the show over the next four days. If you're one of them and spot one of us in our official Nintendo Life t-shirts, please stop us and say hello.


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HipsterDashie said:

Anyone know where I can find a guest list for this? I know Nolan North is going (Assassin's Creed, Halo 3: ODST) but sadly he's not going to be there on the only day I'm going.



Grackler said:

I'd have liked to have gone but, for all the scorn poured on GAME the shop, GAMEfest was cheap and, for once, centrally located. One Zelda Symphony Concert in London is pricy enough for me! To those who do go, enjoy any Ninty games, assuming it's the same stand as GAMEfest they had loads of units with very short-to-no queues and some great demos! (and take you're 3DS in Streetpass, hits galore !)



timp29 said:

Hey James, Blizzard probably won't be there, but if you get the chance play some Diablo III for me and tell me if it is any good?? thx



Mayhem said:

I'd be going as well, but sadly the Expo clashes with something I'm doing this weekend in Germany...

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