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We Could See Inchworm Animation Come to 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Inching closer

DSiWare animation suite Inchworm Animation is certainly an accomplished package, but already developer Bob Sabiston is looking to the future for the series.

Talking to Joystiq, Sabiston discussed a potential outing for the series on 3DS, revealing some of the features omitted from the DSiWare original:

People are asking a lot about a 3DS version, and I would love to do a 3DS native version. Last summer, in order to get practical and get this thing out there, I had to strip out a bunch of ambitious stuff that was working, like keyframing, a scrolling timeline, sound-effects and audio recording.

Obviously it would be nice to restore those and the wireless features if possible. So we'll see, if I find the time and energy to continue with it I would love to have an Inchworm 3D out there.

Sabiston notes he's a little burnt-out on Inchworm currently, but if that passionate is reignited we could see some 3D animation come to 3DS. Nintendo's own package Flipnote Memo is down for a release in the 3DS eShop later this year.


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Blaze said:

The things being posted on here are getting desperate just to fill the space.



Link977 said:

I don't want to buy it because Im afraid I'd have to re-pay for a 3DS version, and you might be able to mess around with the layers for the 3D effect



lunchmeats101 said:

I was just thinking of buying this on my 3DS, but I'll just wait until a native version comes out (And if Flipnote memo doesn't satisfy)



jerryo said:

@1 +1 and your name too! seems too desperate to show that something is going on init? haha

well if he increases the amount of colors and make it at least as good as Art Academy to paint and adds some cool NON 3D features (and cool vector stuff that can be exported to swf) and also adds 3D (but proper not the crap that nintendo put on photo editing).. then i would buy it.



Bigrat said:

Yes! I was thinking about buying the dsiWare version but this changed my mind. I'm gonna wait for this!



Pee_Bender said:

People, he didn't confirm he's actually working on a 3DS version yet. He just said he would love to do it. I'm actually going to buy this now because I see that it's well worth the money, looks fantastic, and I love supporting things like this.

@jkgatling- Inchworm Animation still hasn't made a European release yet because he has to have the instruction manual translated into 4 other languages before they will accept it.



Robo-goose said:

Inchworm animation is really impressive, but it would be even more impressive if it had: the ability to select things in shapes other than rectangles, the ability to move something selected without copying it, the ability to zoom-out to go along with the ability to zoom-in, the ability to rotate selected areas, the ability to change the size of selected areas, everything that he mentioned, and many more things that I can't remember at the moment.
If all of those features were added, I'd be willing to pay 20 bucks for it.
The constraints of a five dollar app are cruel.



kdognumba1 said:

I really like inchworm, it's a very strong piece of software for being as cheap as it is and on the DS. I'd love to see a 3DS version with even more features though!



Victoria said:

Well I hope so. I kept hoping this would come out as DSiWare in the UK since all my DS artist friends in other regions are always bragging about how good it is.



MeloMan said:

Just add sound and viola, Flipnote Memo who? Nah, I won't be that cold, as Flipnote Memo could be quite awesome and possibly still free, but after the advent of Inchworm, I am truly blown away by it's possibilities and I'm not really that much into animation often.



jediknight said:

Can't wait. as soon as I get a 3ds, I'll get that. I saw the demo on dsi and of course, knowing Nintendo, It will be better on 3ds.



K964 said:

Sabiston notes he's a little burnt-out on Inchworm currently, but if that passionate is reignited we could see some 3D animation come to 3DS.


Kind of sounded like he was desperate for sales. And what kind of $5 animation app doesn't allow audio recording?



Sh00kst3r said:

If they added their own website where you could post your work like Flipnote Hatena...

I'd ditch all my friends on Flipnote.

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