DSiWare animation suite Inchworm Animation is certainly an accomplished package, but already developer Bob Sabiston is looking to the future for the series.

Talking to Joystiq, Sabiston discussed a potential outing for the series on 3DS, revealing some of the features omitted from the DSiWare original:

People are asking a lot about a 3DS version, and I would love to do a 3DS native version. Last summer, in order to get practical and get this thing out there, I had to strip out a bunch of ambitious stuff that was working, like keyframing, a scrolling timeline, sound-effects and audio recording.

Obviously it would be nice to restore those and the wireless features if possible. So we'll see, if I find the time and energy to continue with it I would love to have an Inchworm 3D out there.

Sabiston notes he's a little burnt-out on Inchworm currently, but if that passionate is reignited we could see some 3D animation come to 3DS. Nintendo's own package Flipnote Memo is down for a release in the 3DS eShop later this year.

[via joystiq.com]