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Wed 8th Jun 2011

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Pee_Bender commented on We Could See Inchworm Animation Come to 3DS:

People, he didn't confirm he's actually working on a 3DS version yet. He just said he would love to do it. I'm actually going to buy this now because I see that it's well worth the money, looks fantastic, and I love supporting things like this.

@jkgatling- Inchworm Animation still hasn't made a European release yet because he has to have the instruction manual translated into 4 other languages before they will accept it.



Pee_Bender commented on Pikmin 3 Plucked from Wii to Find a Home on Wii U:

I'm happy that Pimin 3 is now officially in the works.Although, I'm kinda dissappointed know since we might not get it for the 3DS. I was really looking forward to seeing Pikmin thrown at me in 3-D :[ Oh well,at least we can finally look forward to it! (I wrote this from my 3DS btw,works well on this site.)