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Furry Legends DSiWare Sent to Lotcheck

Posted by Zach Kaplan

First screenshots here

We haven't heard anything on Gamelion's Furry Legends: Beginnings, the second volume in the series that began with WiiWare's Furry Legends, for a very long time. But that's all changing right now.

Gamelion has just informed us that it has submitted the title to Nintendo's lotcheck, where it'll be tested for bugs and given hopefully given the go-ahead. Gamelion hopes for a release within the next two months: North America can expect the game first, with a European release around a month later.

You can take your first look at the game in the exclusive assortment of screenshots below.

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D33G said:

hmm. I never really liked Furry Legends, so I don't really care...



James said:

It seems like a long time since I played this at Gamelion HQ. It was about two years ago, I think. Wow.



Henmii said:

I thought Furry legends Wiiware would get a sequel...on Wiiware! Beginnings is a prequel!

It doesn't matter though: The Wiiware demo didn't excite me much. I don't think this will be much better.



Bassman_Q said:

As long as it is more polished than the WiiWare version, especially in the controls department. Then I'll consider it.

At least it looks nice~

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