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WiiWare Comes Under Heavy Fire: Black Arms on Monday

Posted by James Newton

Jungle fever

Monday's Nintendo Download will arrive amid a storm of bullets as Polish developer Teyon has revealed its next title Heavy Fire: Black Arms will land on the service next week.

The successor to shoot 'em up Heavy Fire: Special Operations, Black Arms takes the fight out of the desert and into the jungle. There's a launch trailer below which might convince you to part with your 500 Nintendo Points on Monday.

Will you be picking this one up?

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Link79 said:

Now why would this trailer convince anyone to buy this if the first one sucked?



Sneaker13 said:

Hell yeah. I think the first one was hilarious and by the looks of it they really improved the gameplay. It is not standing still and waiting for the enemies to pass you, stand still in front of you wainting for you to shoot them. I think this one could be pretty good. Of course we still need the second episode in Europe.



bezerker99 said:

The crappy metal music in the background is supposed to make this game appear awesome. (Not so much....)



manleycartoonist said:

"Best Selling Special Forces Shooter is back on Wiiware!"

B.S. Translator:

"The only Special Forces Shooter is back on Wiiware!"



iphys said:

If the review is better than for the first one, I'll consider it.



CerealKiller062 said:

Actually this game doesn't look at all bad compared to the first one. The graphics have definatly improved. It might actually be worth a try. BTW. Im new so hey guys.



Pod said:

I'm very impressed what these guys do with the Wii and 40MB graphically. Content-wise, I'm very reluctant, but for only 500 points, man... That's still the same price as a great burger, though, and maybe this game won't top the value of one awesome cow sandwich.



Wolfenstein83 said:

How I ended up playing the first one was I kept checking the WiiWare popular list, just to see what most people were downloading, and the first game has been at the number two spot since forever now.
I figured it must be good if so many people keep downloading it.
So I said, ah what the heck, only 500 points.
It wasn't awful, and it wasn't great, but I am guilty of having simple joy from shooting the terrorists.
I thought it was okay, and this second one seems even better actually.
I think it's funny how they still use that exact same sound clip "Move, Move!" like in the first game, it made me chuckle.
Sounds like the same music/band from the first game too, except the track in this one seems easier to tolerate, as long as I don't hear it over and over.
I dunno, 500 points, maybe I will try it out, even though there are far better WiiWare games out there.

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