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Sports Island 3D Shots Show Slams, Sumos and Snowmobiles

Posted by James Newton

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Not content with releasing the first 3D football game in the form of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D, Konami also wants to bring the first sumo wrestling, snowmobiles, snowballs, trampolining and more to 3DS with the release of Deca Sports Extreme (known as Sports Island 3D in Europe.)

The trailer below shows off the game's new Super Play feature that grants players spectacular abilities, including whirlwind tennis forehands, fiery bowling shots and trampoline jumps that send you into outer space. It's a far cry from Pro Evolution Soccer-style realism, to say the least.

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Pogocoop said:

Hehe.. My friend's nickname is sumo. But this game doesn't look Very good :/



Oregano said:

I think the game actually looks surprisingly polished, especially compared to quite a few other 3DS games. cough*Sim3*cough



TeeJay said:

@ 3

You're scaring me. I was really looking forward to playing Sims 3.



jaffa said:

Oh no shovelware is already moving onto the 3DS, SAVE US NINTENDO.



moosa said:

Trampolining into space doesn't sound boring and generic to me.



LztheQuack said:

Shovelware? You all act like this is new. The tradition of crap games must be continued for the 30th (or so) year in a row!!

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