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Playboy Slip Cases Looking to Sexy Up Nintendo Handhelds

Posted by Trevor Chan

We wonder how many of these can be found inside the mansion

We'll soon be seeing plenty of rabbits on the upcoming 3DS ― the crazy ones anyways ― but by way of iMP, supplier of video gaming accessories, we'll also be seeing bunnies of the sexier kind in the form of limited edition handheld cases.

Officially licensed Playboy slip cases for the DS Lite, DSi and 3DS have been announced by iMP, and the iconic Bunny logo will be displayed for all to see in what is surely an attempt to turn geeky into sexy. Or maybe it's to cash in on the popularity of Nintendo handheld consoles?

The limited edition cases are available in Night Black and Hot Pink, all featuring a hi-gloss patent finish with contrasting stitching and the Bunny logo in either black or white. The cases come with a detachable chrome clipped wrist strap, chrome locking clasp and a metal Bunny badge. Here's the full list of features:

  • High quality materials with patent, hi-gloss finish.
  • Available in Pink/Black and Black/Pink combinations.
  • Large stitched Bunny logo with smaller chromed detail logo.
  • Contrasting interior.
  • Chrome Locking Clasp.
  • Detachable contrasting Wrist Strap with Chrome Clip.
  • Side pocket with magnetic closure for additional stylus.
  • Fits 3DS, DSi and DS Lite consoles.

The cases are available now and recommended retail prices are set at £12.99 / €14.99 / $19.99. All you GameBoys and Playboys out there, will you be snapping these up, or are they not your style? Perhaps kittens and puppies are more your thing? For more information, visit the iMP website.

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X-145 said:

Thats strange. Its also awesome AND hilarious at the same time!



Morpheel said:

i think these look good, i mean, a lot of girls like using playboy accessories. It's like barbie accessories for grown ups.

note: i am referring to playboy as a clothing and accessories brand.



Tylr said:

And i thought Nintendo was supposed to be a family-safe company. Were they? Oh well, as long as there's no Justin Bieber DS's or cases...right?



Jonisme said:

Those are so awesome, but I'd think I'd get a few complaints. I sorta want one with out the logo.



SilverBaretta said:

a la Chris Turk of Scrubs

That's what I'm talkin' bout!

You gotta admit, though, they do look pretty sleek.



StarDust4Ever said:

You gotta remember, the majority of third party accessories aren't even authorized by Nintendo, so why would this be any different?

Where the heck can a guy go to get this, because I want one!!!



JDO said:

This is too funny...they made versions for all of the kiddy DS's but not one for the adult XL version. I don't think Mommy & Daddy will be buying one of these for little Johnny anytime soon.



Supremeist said:

They look like decent cases, but why playboy?

most kids play DS.
btw @lz20XX: Not ONLY kids play DS but isn't it kinda weird for an adult to play one?

idk, some girls like using playboy accessories such as clothing, handbags, and what-not. I don't imagine it selling out or anything.
Just a case though.

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