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101 Dolphin Pets to Make "African-Style" Dolphins Possible

Posted by James Newton

Teyon does it again

You may have played 101 Shark Pets on DSiWare, but if you prefer your pets a little less man-eating Teyon has just the thing up its flipper: 101 Dolphin Pets, a simulation game with a twist.

As well as the usual array of pet-training exercises, minigames, dressing-up and all-around dolphin care, you'll be able to alter your dolphin's skin tone, with the press release stating:

Personalized Skin Tint: Ever want an african-style dolphin? Now's your chance!

It's remarkably refreshing to see a pet simulation offering racial customisation, but it's causing us to wonder what other colour dolphins will be available. We'll find out when 101 Dolphin Pets reaches the North American DSi Shop on January 31st.

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theblackdragon said:

African dolphins are actually quite beautiful in terms of available skin coloration patterns. hopefully this is more along the lines of what they meant as opposed to the invitation to racial jokes (btw, let's refrain from those plz). :/



Raylax said:

"Ever want an african-style dolphin?"





Morpheel said:

Being very pleased with the first game this makes me happy.
I hope they actually improved the engine and didn't just repainted everything.

There is actually a video of the game, and i think i could see that pattern TBD talks about.



ShadowDX1 said:

The shark version was SO good, that you guys descided to make the DOLPHIN version...what a nice waste of time

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