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Nintendo's CES Presence is All Behind Closed Doors

Posted by James Newton

Sorry, general public!

The recent news that Nintendo would return to CES after a 16-year hiatus caused many to jump for joy, but sadly the truth isn't quite so exciting, with the Consumer Electronics Association announcing the company will not have a public booth at the show.

It seems Nintendo will be utilising meeting rooms at the Las Vegas conference but won't have any public presence, putting a small dent in the hopes of anyone expecting 3DS release information. The Consumer Electronics Association said it mistakenly placed Nintendo's name on a list of exhibitors at the show, where Microsoft and Sony will have public displays.

You can cancel those flights to Las Vegas now.


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Noire said:

imagines Iwata sitting at the head of a conference table laughing maniacally



Aviator said:

/me hovers around Iwata.
My "HEY!!"'s and "LISTEN!!"'s to make it public were ignored, as everyone does to me.




Fuzzy said:

Interesting to know when/how they are going to market the 3ds to the public. This is something I'm going to want to try out before I buy it.



HolyMackerel said:

Anyone know why Nintendo hasn't participated in CES for so long, and why it's not having a public exhibit this time?



Robo-goose said:

I wonder what their reason could be, something they don't want the public to know about? Obviously.



motang said:

Hmmm, so what do they have to keep secret and not show the public I wonder...



LittleIrves said:

Part of me likes the mystique and stubbornness of Nintendo...
Part of me wants them to open up and show their cards more often...
But if I had to choose, I'd choose Option A. Do your thing behind closed doors. Half the fun of following this industry is the anticipation, anyway.



LztheQuack said:

It does make me wonder what Nintendo is doing there

I don't think they'd use the meeting rooms in Las Vegas for the heck of it



Caliko said:

This probably has to do less with showing off features(why it's closed to the public) and more with pitching ideas to industry insiders.

I'm pretty sure it has to do with the 3DS' ability to play 3D films. CES is very popular for introducing future display tech.



vherub said:

could have to do with the controller-less tech rumored to replace the Wii. Would be more about not tipping the hand to MS/sony.



Punny said:

Nintendo's new slogan: What happens in Vegas stays our little secret.



ianmage1 said:

I don't really care because I'm not going to Vegas. I have a feeling that Nintendo is trying to release the 3DS without giving us a release date ahead of time. Maybe we will hear about the release date a few days before it is shipped to NA.



MeloMan said:

So uh... when can I drive before I buy the 3DS, March 1st with only 14 days before release or something? Jeez Nintendo, lighten up, If this thing is going to sell like hotcakes, then let the hotcake buyers have a taste...

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