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We May See More Undead DS Shooters Thanks to ZombieZ Seeker

Posted by Trevor Chan

7 Raven Studios is bucking the trend

The majority of first-person shooters might require gamers to shoot at soldiers but Zoo Games is bucking the trend with its upcoming zombie-orientated on-rails shooter for the Nintendo DS.

The creator of relatively low-key Wii and DS games has an upcoming handheld title called ZombieZ Seeker which has been rated by the ESRB. It's one of the few FPS games out there that has a zombie theme as players take on the role of a couple whose car has broken down in apparently the wrong place at the wrong time. Armed with a selection of different firearms, gamers must fend off zombies, skeletons and vampires if they are to survive. It's not all ghouls and ghosts though as evil clowns are also after you, so don't be afraid to blast them in the face with a shotgun if you have to.

Players will have to manually reload their weapons so no doubt the timing will be crucial, especially when surrounded by enemies. This isn't the first time the developer has produced a shooter for the DS as previous releases include Astro Invaders, and Monkey Madness: Island Escape; the latter is also an on-rails shooter. For more screenshots on this vivid and slightly surreal-looking game, head over to 7 Raven Studios' gamepage.


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TheBaconator said:

More zombie shooters? What ever happened to creativity? Why must shooters always contain zombies now-a-days?



SilverBaretta said:

This looks pretty funny, and it reminds me, whatever happened to that budget title that was supoosed to come out called Rock the Dead?



Objection said:

This game is not looking too impressive so far, closer to a senior tech project than a professional game. I hope that it manages to exceed expectations upon release, because as the article's sarcasm indicates, there are TONS of zombie games right now.



Nintendoftw said:

I'm going to be honested, first time I saw that screenshot I thought is was an SNES game. Fail.

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