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Gamers Can Now Pre-Order the Limited Edition Red DSi XL

Posted by Trevor Chan

If value for money had a colour, could it be red?

Earlier this week we brought you news that in celebrating the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., Nintendo will be bringing the limited edition red DSi XL to Europe and now we have word of how much it will set back euro gamers too.

Asides from the pre-installed A Little Bit of... Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: Arts Edition and Dictionary 6-in-1 with Camera Function, the system will also be bundled with a copy of New Super Mario Bros., all for around £159.99 GBP. In celebrating Mario's anniversary, using any other colour than red would be madness, and as if the new hue isn't enough, the DSi XL also features some retro-looking graphics on the top side too in the form of a mushroom, a fire flower, and an invincibility star.

It was only a week ago that Nintendo launched three new colours to join the existing Dark Brown and Wine Red models, and now the limited edition red DSi XL is set to launch on 22nd October which is available for pre-order now. Talk about choice!


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bboy2970 said:

and yet, still no news of America getting virtually ANYTHING for Mario's 25th anniversary! Time is running out and with every passing day our chnaces of getting some kind of treat get less and less likely...



edhe said:

These promotional consoles aren't for Nintendo fans. most of them (myself included) already have a DSi/XL or Wii.

Rather, I think of them more for first time buyers - or those that buy a DSi when they've already got one (because it's red and has a mario transfer on it) despite the vastly superior 3DS being just around the corner.



Djrr-ific said:


Yes, in hardware it's true what you're saying, but America and Japan always get the good games first...

Ontopic: I'm gonna get the red DSi XL! I'm just hoping it isn't sold out in a week, I don't have all the money right now so...



Victoria said:

I've been wanting a DSi XL, so this is the one I'm getting. I love my DSi, but I'd like bigger screens. And for that reason alone the 3DS doesn't appeal to me at all. The bottom screen on the on the 3DS is smaller than the DSi, which is a huge let down to me.



LuWiiGi said:

This is a little off-topic, but has anyone else noticed that you hardly ever use the Mega Mushroom in NSMB?



ToadFan said:

@11. (LuWiiGi) I've never noticed that. But now that I think about it, I almost never use it.... You might wanna make a Fourm about this instead of doing it in the comments.



Pj1 said:

What about the collectors? they will buy this and the Red-Wii, Come on NoA announce some thing. I don't Live in Amercia but I'm into fairness and at the moment it's not quite fair, hopefully Nintendo will announce some thing soon.



sykotek said:

...I'd rather they not be released in the US since its doubtful NOA will allow content transfers from current DSi/Wii customers to those new units. There's no excuse to say those don't appeal to the die-hards/core audience. /selfishness

They'll most likely be released in the holidays, specifically as a special bundle available at retail locations on Black Friday through Christmas. At least, that's been the trend over the last many years I worked in video game retail, I'd be very surprised if they didn't release them.



PaperLucario said:

Come on Nintendo, get this to America, even if the red Wii can't atleast give us SOMETHING. Sorry, but a website with a video and a few interviews which almost no one is going to read doesn't cut it.

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