Which colour represents you, then?

With Japan already enjoying its array of bright additions, Australia set to launch its own similar colours and North America receiving its Midnight Blue model, Europeans might be justified in feeling a little left out with the current available DSi XL colours.

Not for long, as Nintendo has announced that it is to launch the DSi XL in green, blue and yellow in Europe from 8th October onwards. As always, the system will come loaded with two DSiWare titles: A Little Bit of...Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: Arts Edition and Dictionary 6-in-1 with Camera Function.

As of June, the Nintendo DSi XL has sold an estimated 3.6 million units worldwide, and with its 93% larger screens compared to its little brother, the DSi Lite, we're not surprised so many have snapped it up. If you haven't taken the plunge, these new colours might be enough to entice you. Or, you can wait until the 3DS, we suppose.