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Racers' Islands: Crazy Racers Off the Starting Grid Next Week

Posted by James Newton

Zallag zooming around on September 10th

European publisher Zallag, the same company behind the upcoming Gods vs. Humans, is set to launch its first WiiWare title in Europe next week with the release of Racers' Island: Crazy Racers.

With up to eight players on one Wii console, 20 tracks to choose from and the nVidia PhysX engine making each object behave more realistically, Racers' Island: Crazy Racers will retail at 1,200 Nintendo Points when it reaches Europe next week.

The press release, containing key Google phrases such as "cheese catapult", is available below with brand new screenshots waiting at the finish line.

This wacky racing game set in a theme park-like universe offers a gameplay that is unlike anything seen on WiiWareTM to date. Indeed, in addition to the regular driving experience comes the shooting! Each character has a specific weapon (a cheese catapult, a penguin throwing snowballs, green jelly…) and can use it at any time during the race. A real learning curve awaits you in order to drive and shoot simultaneously throughout the 20 tracks of the game!

Up to 8 players!

Your adversaries slow down when you hit them (and can stop altogether if you hit them several times) so you can pass them in the race with the greatest satisfaction. This gameplay is particularly effective in multiplayer. 4 players can compete in split-screen mode and it’s possible to have up to 8 players by sharing the controls (the driving being done with the NunchukTM and the shooting with the Wii RemoteTM).

Start your engine!

Racers’ Islands – Crazy Racers is the first racing game on WiiWareTM using the NVIDIA® PhysX® engine. You will therefore feel the collisions with your adversaries and will be able to use objects that are on the road to slow them down.

September 10th in Europe

The game will be available for download as soon as September 10th on all European WiiTM consoles and a little later in the United States. Racers’ Islands – Crazy Racers will be sold at 1200 Wii PointsTM.

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Oregano said:

The fact that it uses Physx is pretty impressive, only about three other Wii games do.



accc said:

My god that looks hideous. I wish Shin'En would license their engine out to all other Wiiware developers so we wouldn't have to deal with sub-PSX graphics anymore.



Imerion said:

It looks rather generic, but might be fun. 4 player support sounds nice, though I think I'll wait for a review on this one.



SKTTR said:

This game seems to be split up in two parts:
The racing mode called Racers' Islands: Crazy Racers
The battle mode called Racers' Islands: Crazy Arenas



siavm said:

The graphics are super blurry. Even if the game is good( which I doubt heavily) you will barely be able to see what is going on. And the price is just crazy. No is going to buy it at that price.

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