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The originality of the gameplay in Racers' Islands: Crazy Racers relies on the fact that it doesn't focus exclusively on driving cars. You will also have to target and shoot with the character's weapons if you want to mount the podium!

A brand new gameplay perfectly adapted to the accessibility of the Wii. Aim and shoot with your Wii Remote, drive with your Nunchuk. It's up to you to climb a genuine learning curve! It might sound hard to handle both at the same time, but don't panic! You can share the load with friends: one has the wheel while the other pulls the trigger.

A perfect blend of racing and shooting action!

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Posted by Laurie Blake

Crazy? More like lazy

It’s relatively easy to guess what a game titled Racers’ Islands: Crazy Racers might be about. If you said "a crazy racing game in which you race across some islands," you’d be correct – assuming that by "crazy" you meant...

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pixelman said:

Wow, this game looks amazing! I mean, they didn't even bother to add shadows for the cars. The gameplay must be sick!



emf99 said:

I agree and graphics are like Real. I bet this will be more than 1000 wii points!!
And be the best shovelware that i played!!!!



GotWii said:

And you guys wonder why no one gives information out about the games. Obviously neither of the first two above have ever developed video games before. One of the last things you add into a game is the shadowing. First you work on game play and speed then you make it pretty. Duh! So quit casting judgment on a few screen shots and a small paragraph about the game when you have no idea what you are talking about.



sykotek said:

I'll wait for the review before deciding if I'll get this, I'd definitely get it if it was a sequel to Konami's Krazy Racers.

@pixelman: I'm pretty sure I see shadows under the cars in the pictures, so unless you're talking about something else...?

@GotWii: Ironically, pixelman developed a game, so there goes part of your argument. As for the other part, everyone knows the last thing you do with a game is feed them polishes. I prefer Costco polishes, they're cheap and tasty. =9



SKTTR said:

A racer with pointer targeting/shooting? A pretty unique racing experience if you ask me. I love racing games and have never seen such an interesting mixture of gameplays.
Well, the graphics are bland, but the physics look good. There are 20 courses? And 4 player splitscreen? Content wise it's good and if this is as fun as it sounds, maybe 1200pts isn't too much of an asking price. Hope it doesn't turn out to be shovelware and has a good sense of speed and action.



DSiHoney said:

This game has great gfx, music, level design and it SUCKS!

Controls are mediocre, there's no game physics, targeting/shooting does nothing. I've played for about two hours but I've no intention getting back.

It's good it costs ONLY 1200 points so I don't feel like it's a waste of money :(

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