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Nintendo Download: 21st & 22nd September 2010 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

VCA and DSiWare next week in Japan

Japan receives a mix of RPGs, shooters, mathematics training for youngsters and short quizzes about feudal Japanese history.

Virtual Console

Romancing Saga 3 (800pts, Super Famicom - Square-Enix) – The third in a series of RPGs from one of the RPG masters.

Exed Exes (800pts, Arcade - Capcom) – An early Capcom shooter we cannot say we're great fans of, but it's nice to see Capcom putting out VCA titles.


Arc Style: Robot Rescue (200pts - Arc System Works) – Arc System Works' DSiWare import parade continues; this time it's Teyon's robot Lemmings game. We though it was decent enough, read our Robot Rescue review for more information.

Sokuren Keisen Shōgaku 1 Nensei (200pts - IEEE Institute) – Mathematics training for Grade 1 pupils. Can't start them on that stuff early enough, eh?

3 Minute Tenka Tōitsu (500pts - Gakken Publishing Co.) – A quiz game about Tokugawa Japan - sound exciting?

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SwerdMurd said:

I love RS3! I think I might actually give that one a courtesy play in the next couple favorite in the SaGa series.



StuffyStuff said:

Exed Exes is a noisy schmup. I was watching a video on it and there are very little weapon upgrades. I don't understand what the VCA is up to. I would think they would put out more popular games. I don't know what the limitations the developers have for these games, but I'd like to see some good 90's arcade games.



Venom65437 said:

FF:MQ was one of the games I was waiting for, but after so long of little to no releases I just went out and got a SNES and the game instead! Too bad for you, Nintendo and Square!



Sean_Aaron said:

@ LuWiiGi: Well, there was WiiWare two weeks in a row: a new puzzler from Nintendo and BIT.TRIP RUNNER!



StarBoy91 said:

I've gotta wonder if Exed Exes even has an ending point, because one time I tried playing through the whole game on Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded on the PSP. I left off at either stage 12 or 13; the stages are so darn long.

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