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Nintendo Download: 14th & 15th September 2010 (Japan)

Posted by Sean Aaron

Another triple threat for Japan next week: BIT.TRIP, VCA and DSiWare


BIT.TRIP RUNNER: Rhythm Alien no Geki Sō (500 Points, Arc System Works) — A lot of Japanese Wii owners are going to be happy next week as BIT.TRIP RUNNER finally arrives in Japan. The fact that the price is the same 500 Points as the rest of the series kind of makes up for it, though we hope BIT.TRIP FATE will make its debut in the Land of the Rising Sun a little closer to the rest of the world. We think it's the best of the series thus far; read our BIT.TRIP RUNNER review to find out why.

Virtual Console

Super Hang-On (800 Points, Sega) — One of the definitive motorcycle racing games of the 1980s (though the bike drove more like a car to us) complete with a plastic motorcycle to tilt for steering. We're not sure if it'll be as much fun with an analogue thumbstick, but given Sega's past track record of worldwide releases we hope everyone else will get to find out in good time.


Globulous Party (500 Points, GlobZ) — We weren't overly impressed with this mini-game collection featuring colourful blobs, as you can read in our Globulous Party review, but all due credit for exporting the game to Japan as few Western DSiWare developers have done.

Shin Sangoku Mahjong Kokushi Musō (500 Points, Silver Star Japan) — A mahjong game in which your matches symbolise the struggle to unify China during the 3 Kingdoms Period. It's single-player only, but it's the best-looking mahjong game on DSi thus far — could it also be the best-playing? We may just have to find out!

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NintendoWorld1 said:

I know it's changing the subject but the Super Mario Collection is coming to Japan! 21 October...



Golgo said:

500 points! Bargain! By the way, any of you guys seen my WarioWare comic, 'BitTripDream'? If not, you should! My small homage to the genius of Gaijin Games.



Odnetnin said:

RUNNER's subtitle in Japan actually translates to: A Flat-Out Run of the Rhythm Alien! How cool is that?!
Also, I think someone cough sean cough needs to watch Gaijin Games' Public Service Announcement:



CrazyOtto said:

@ Sneaker13
Suprisingly not, Japan usually gets Bit.Trip games only a month after America, and they got the other 3 in the series before Europe did.



LuWiiGi said:

@Golgo I downloaded BitTripDream, and it's hilarious. I recommend it. The 'Bit.Trip Runner' Big Name Game on D.I.Y is rubbish though. Globulos Party is underrated. I still don't recommend it, but it's not too bad IMO.

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