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Start Saving as Famicom Box Surfaces on eBay

Posted by James Newton

Rare machine up for grabs

Back in 1980s Japan, Nintendo's Famicom was doing the business, but the company wanted to get more gamers to experience what it could offer. The answer was the FamicomBox, a machine used by retailers to allow customers to try out a selection of Famicom games, with some models even featuring a coin slot to allow gamers to pay and play. Never released outside of Japan, a FamicomBox has just surfaced on eBay, starting at a sweet $699.

Before you get your wallets out, bear in mind this is a relisting of an item that received a best offer of nearly $2,000 and went unsold, so it's going to take some major pocket change to bring this one home, particularly with shipping from Japan starting at a cool $125.

Whether you intend to buy or not, it's another fascinating piece of Nintendo history that you can learn more about at Famicom World.


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Klapaucius said:

So it contains all the Famicom games on it?
I'll wait for the Super Famicom box or even the N64 box. Mmm



Punny said:

This was a good idea making a console with an assortment of games, especially years before the great invention called the demo disk. It's a bit pricey, though. I've seen PS3s cheaper than the price of the FamicomBox!



metaknave said:

Wow and ow in regards to the price. For the starting price + shipping, you could buy 165 NES games on VC!

On a semi-unrelated note, before there was X-box, there was F-box.



James said:

@Klapaucius - It usually shipped with ten cartridges, though there's room for 15, but regular Famicom carts won't work on it. This one doesn't even have the key to let you access the carts around the back, though I'm sure if someone's willing to spend $2,000 on it they'll find a way to get the machine open



Klapaucius said:

@Prosody , Ah, yes, I can see Donkey Kong in there. If it was higher res I could read what other games are locked inside.
Unless you can find some more special carts for it, no need to get the old crowbar to work
If its only 10 games, unless any of them are incredibly rare and/or not on the VC, then it would be much cheaper to buy the games seperately or on VC even. Still, nice bit of Nintendo history



dizzy_boy said:

we had an allders department store that had a freeplay version of the famicom box.
i never did figure out how it could play several games on one console. and now i know.
would love to own one too. if i had the money.



Tar said:

unlike everyone else, I can afford it, just don't want it



JimLad said:

I've always loved the idea of a multi changer video game console.
Although, this would be quite steep, and I'd have to get Japanese versions of all my NES games. :/

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