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Podcast: Episode 18 - 3DS Report and Gaijin Games!

Posted by James Newton

Take another journey into sound

Another month, another Monday: that can only mean a brand new episode of the Nintendo Life podcast.

James Newton will be talking more about the 3DS following his 3DS First Impressions, as well as waxing lyrical about promising party title Wii Party and more. Zach Kaplan returns with a leaner version of This Nintendo Life and Sean Aaron interviews Chris Osborn from Gaijin Games about Bit.Trip, retro gaming and why Bit.Trip Runner is so damned difficult.

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theblackdragon said:

it's so weird -- Sean's accent is as flat and American as can be, but some of the phrases coming outta his mouth are British for srs.

that said, great podcast, but... whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? never beaten the second boss in Core? I gotta say, I'm somewhat disappointed. :/



Radbot42 said:

I saw Gaijin Games and I thought they might talk about Bit.trip 5 but then i read the thing and it only taklks about RUNNER



Sean_Aaron said:

I have reached the 2nd boss in CORE and beaten the 2nd boss in BEAT (finally).

I was also disappointed about a lack of Bit.Trip 5 hands-on. They were hoping to have it ready for a preview, but alas they weren't ready to show it off just yet.

I did get to play a build of Lilt Line which I think is better on the Wii than the iPhone original and is Gaijin's first self-published work. The fact that it's a port of someone else's game probably accounts for the speed of the turnaround and candidacy for self-publishing. No Japanese release planned for that as far as I know. It's similar to Art Style: Light Trax, but different enough to stand on its own and James should hopefully be getting a preview build soon if he hasn't already.



theblackdragon said:

@sean: i didn't mean you -- i thought that was one of the Gaijin dudes saying they hadn't beaten the second boss? or were my ears mistaken? lol... though my main reason for encouraging people to get past the second boss is because the third stage's music is one of the best tracks in the series, no lie. Listening to that track on the soundtrack version just doesn't have the same feel as playing through it in the game itself, either. I guess someone from Gaijin wouldn't have the problem of never experiencing it for himself before, considering they're surrounded by Bit.Trip stuff there, lol.



SilverBaretta said:

Leisure Suit Larry!?!? That's the last game I thought I would hear in this podcast! And I was kind of disappointed about the lack of talk about the RUNNER soundtrack. But very good work everyone! Keep 'em coming!



Sean_Aaron said:

This is only part one of the interview SilverBlacktail - we definitely will be talking about music in the next episode!



Corbs said:

I was afraid that train was going to run Sean and Chris over there for a minute. Were the walls shaking?



Sean_Aaron said:

Nah, it did run by an inopportune time and their office is literally right next to a freight line!

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