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Brace for Impact as Fatal Fury 3 Smacks Up Europe this Week

Posted by James Newton

More downloads revealed

We normally get an inkling of the upcoming Nintendo Download releases a few days earlier, but the latest update to the Nintendo Europe website reveals no fewer than five titles on the way this week.

Chief amongst these is Neo Geo fighter Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory, another popular outing for Terry Bogard and pals that introduces the new Oversway system, allowing combat to take place in three planes. Many other series staples were introduced here, including mid-air blocking and grading at the end of battle, making this a solid choice for fight fans. We'll have a Virtual Console review coming shortly.

DSiWare is set to receive at least three titles, including relaxing puzzler Primrose, healthcare micro-management simulator Hospital Havoc and the reasonably self-explanatory 3D Mahjong, which was just released in North America on Monday.

Wii owners can look forward to rolling in the hay with Gamelion Studios' Furry Legends and taking magical orbs to Astro Maggots in Onteca's Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots, another Monday release for America.

We'll have the full round-up of the new releases later this week, accompanied by Nintendo's press release, but it's certainly shaping up to be better than last week.


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cowboy said:

this is awsome, but in the last 2,3 months virtual console got slower.

And where is Cave Story for Europe why is it taking so long ?



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I suppose this game is pretty good, I like the sequel "Real Bout". New Neo Geo games is good, but I´ll pass this one. I hope for some of the other Neo Geo series to surface this year...




I already have Fatal Fury Special. I know no. 3 is meant to be better, but I don't really want to DL another version tbh. I was going to go for Furry Legends, but I'll wait undtil ep.2 to see if they have fixed the frustrating, floaty controls/physics issue. I used the money to DL Bonsai Barber, which is as good as most ppl are saying



outrun2sp said:

This is a debut for Fatal Fury 3.

The first time ever that it will be running at 50hz.



Chozo85 said:

I've got Fatal Fury 3 on the Battle archives so will not be downloading it. It is a good game however and worth it for any fighting game fans who do not already have it.



ah FF3..I hope it arrives soon to america!



madgear said:

Ooh interesting! I think I might get Fatal Fury 3 - my first download in months! Great game - a giant leap in front of its predecessors.



Betagam7 said:

Another 50hz Neo Geo title is of no real interest to me.

I'll stick to playing the selection of 60hz fighters on the SNK Wii collection.



NeoShinobi said:

Hopefully we get this here in NA sooner than later because... well, its better than nothing.



Ristar42 said:

I shall also avoid this due to 50Hz presentation. After they falsely advertised Iron Clad as 60Hz & I downloaded it - wont waste anymore money on Neo titles.



outrun2sp said:

This game has never been playable in a 50hz format before.

60hz arcade and neo geo board. 60 hz on Sega Saturn, and now the great D4 enterprise are going to release it at 50hz. Do you think that D4 will optimise it to compensate.................



Bass_X0 said:

May get this. One day. I didn't much like Fatal Fury Special (played the demo on XBOX 360) but never played Fatal Fury 3. Still, I am glad to see that Europe has not been reduced to one game a month like in America even if the games we have been getting aren't games I am interested in. I downloaded Ufouria but was not interested in either the Aero the Acro-Bat games.



Alfred_ENG said:

I will NOT be buying it or any 50Hz game. I have got SNK Arcade Classics Vol.1
Bring on Vol.2.

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