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  • US 19th Jul 2010, 500 points
  • EU 20th Aug 2010, 500 points


  • Review Hospital Havoc (DSiWare)

    Dead on arrival or just what the doctor ordered?

    Hospital Havoc is quite a simple, fun game that debuted as an iPhone application almost a year and a half ago and doesn't seem to have changed much since. This is apparent in both the gameplay and graphical simplicity, and while it is a lot of fun, the lack of variety and abundance of bugs add a touch...

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Hospital Havoc Screenshot
Hospital Havoc Screenshot
Hospital Havoc Screenshot
Hospital Havoc Screenshot

Hospital Havoc News

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About The Game

Do you have what it takes to run your very own heart-pumping hospital?

Help your doctor navigate through the havoc by admitting, diagnosing and treating some of the wackiest patients ever encountered. A comically fun time-management and strategy game, Hospital Havoc presents a challenging campaign with three levels of difficulty to choose from, plus 20 career levels, 19 possible illnesses, three-to-six bed conditions, 11 challenging scenarios (including zombies!), continuous play and rousing replay ability. Personalize your doctor and nurse, and utilize various power-ups and medical machines to help send those patients home.