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This Zelda Paper Animation is Awesome, Hilarious, Frightening

Posted by James Newton

Run the gamut of emotions

A slice of Zelda humour that doesn't play on the well-trodden "it's dangerous to go alone" joke is worth a hundred Rupees, so this series of paper animations that portray Link as an unruly creep is worth about ten times that amount.

From smashing up a man's house to exacting his revenge on Navi at last, Link's adventures in 2D are well worth watching right through to the end for a bonus clip featuring a certain bounty hunter. Be warned however: this final episode contains profanity.

You can watch Eric Power-Up's Zelda on Paper series with one quick click.


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StarBoy91 said:

I thought the part where Link pulled up the sword from the stone (like mythical Arthur) and turned into an adult was funny.



pixelman said:

Hah. It's a neat idea, but the speed of the animation is just a bit too slow paced.



TKOWL said:

The part where he killed Navi and chased after the chicken were hilarious.



super-nintendo said:

A Paper Zelda would be awesome guys...imagine it. Heck, let's discuss it Zelda isn't an traditional RPG (and I love it like that), but using the paper elements and basic gameplay of Paper Mario and combining it with the artstyle of windwaker....we will have a RPG. Imagine if it was turn based at the start but as you progress and eventually obtain the master sword it gets action based (slicing and ripping). And as your hearts go up, you get way more stronger....just a thought. It could be called Legend Of Zelda: Paper Wind. (being a sequel to the original wind waker)

Imagine the animations...when you defeat an enemy they crumble like paper. Once you obtain fire, they burn like paper...water would make them turn to Don't laugh guys...I was just shooting ideas.

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