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Swedish Chiptune Organ Sounds as Awesome as Can Be

Posted by James Newton

Even better thanks to awkward commentary

If you listen to our chip and game music podcast NLFM you've not only proven yourself to be a gamer of outstanding taste, you'll also appreciate how intricate and enjoyable chip music can be. Despite severe technical constraints, many gamers' favourite tunes stem from those 8-bit days, and one such dedicated gamer is Linus Åkesson, inventor of the Chipophone.

Not a device that lets you communicate with potatoes, the Chipophone is a modified organ that plays the old-school notes you know so well. Here's the wonderfully shy Mr Åkesson to explain more about his invention and play some classic tunes from Super Mario Bros., Tetris and more.

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Streakk said:

This must have taken a lot of time and talent, props to the maker, it sounds amazing!



ToastyYogurt said:

Very nice. The music was right on to the real game music. I wish I could have one of these.



techno_shaman_ichauk said:

I think if I ever got a hold of one of those things, I'd just lock myself in a room for a week and learn the entire Blaster Master soundtrack.



pinta_vodki said:

Wow, the guy's incredible!! He must be both a skilled musician and a good technician being able to make a thing like this from an electric organ.



DrCruse said:

That is so awesome. I want one!
And I don't get why you call him shy with "Awkward Commentary". Didn't seem to have either of those.

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